Denoa is something I’m really excited for. It is undoubtedly a great new setting for D&D 5e players. But I’m more excited for the idea that underpins this whole world – because Denoa is a living campaign! I didn’t personally know what that meant when I set out to explore it, but it is really easy and exciting to explain.

Changing the way setting books work

Denoa will evolve throughout immersive events. Each one helping to evolve the world. The core setting book will be a beautiful illustrated hardcover. Every party will begin with limited choices, but by progressing through adventures they’ll unlock new locations and the classes and races found there.

And accompanying it all is a dedicated app and a World Anvil world that will accept feedback as players explore this world. Evolving with the results. It doesn’t stop there, and Denoa will be partnering with DungeonFog to create evolving maps through Project Deios’ breaking edge software.

I’m crazy honoured to have been given a sneak peak at this world. You can also check out the initial worldbuilding at their World Anvil world here.

The Free City of Arbor in Denoa

Bringing some incredible artists to the table

The aesthetics of Denoa are also something that caught me. The Denoa world book will be illustrated by some incredible artists like Bruce Brenneise (Slay the Spire, Numenera), Javier Charro (Matt Colville’s Kingdoms & Warfare), Sam Keiser (Rooster Teeth), Giulia Soeima, Nick Jizba and Federico Musetti (Warhammer 40,000: Conquest – The Card Game).

So, it is an understatement to say I’m excited. I think this will be a great setting book to sit down with your players and really explore. It’ll make your players feel like they are part of the world’s evolution in an official capacity. And immerse them in some beautiful worldbuilding, art and maps.

If you want to check out Denoa, it launched on Kickstarter today! Head over to the page for more info right now. Or check out the trailer below.