Monetize your work with World Anvil!

You’re here because you’re an actual play RPG podcaster! Don’t know what World Anvil is? In a sentence, we’re an online tool for creating and presenting the information behind your Podcast. Check out this post here for a deeper explanation. You can find explanations of how to use Sage for every other kind of creator there, too!

Why should you care about Sage?

Actual play podcasts are awesome, but sometimes your audience wants to see map, or read more about your characters! Keeping audiences hooked between installments, and getting new listeners caught up quickly, is critical! And don’t you want to reward your patreon supporters and superfans with a little something extra? World Anvil can do all this and help you manage your campaign.

How can you use Sage to monetize?

Your audience can explore your world interactively

World Anvil is a great way to display your homebrew world, and allow audiences to explore interactively. Interactive maps are a fabulous way to explore the geography and political climate of your world, whilst timelines showcase your history. Build up character information, details about the locations your party visits and track their progress so far on the map!

Sage monetization interactive map
Fully engage your fans by letting them explore your worlds and art interactively

Quickly get new listeners up to speed!

Want to get new audience members all caught up on your campaign? As well as interactive maps and timelines, a great way to do that is with character journals and synopsis articles! You can show the character sheets to help new listeners familiarise themselves with the cast.

Characters have pages, sheets and players can write their own journals too!

Complete control over how your world looks

Sage also gives you complete control over how your world looks, to immerse your readers even more. Choose a visual CSS theme which suits your world, or make your own! White labelling features remove the World Anvil branding, and you can customise the URL too.

sage monetization CSS themes white labelling
Tailor the display of World Anvil’s pages with CSS themes, customization and white labelling.

Totally System and Genre Agnostic

World Anvil is completely System and Genre agnostic. Bored of DnD5e and Pathfinder? World Anvil has a vast array of systems to choose from, or you can choose a generic setting. Or maybe you’re using your own system? You can create all the stat blocks and character sheets in World Anvil to help the audience follow along at home.

sage monetization rollable stat blocks
Create your own rollable stat-blocks and build your own character sheets!

Reward Patrons and supporters quickly and easily

If you have Patreon supporters, Twitch Subscribers or other superfans, you can quickly and easily give them access to content rewards. World Anvil specialises in helping you control who sees which pieces of content. From password protected articles (change up the password whenever you like), to subscriber tiers (CSV import or email address list), or even by giving them a custom URL they can click, supporters of different kinds can have different tiers with access to different content.

Use CSV Imports for mailing lists, Patreon lists, Twitch Subscribers, Kickstarter Backer lists, and MORE!

What content can you publish as rewards?

There’s a huge variety of content you can publish as rewards! This might include deep dives into your homebrew setting, background stories of NPCs, flash fiction, or character journals. You might want to include secrets about the campaign, or extra images, map layers or timelines. You can also give supporters access to your homebrew monsters or villains (including stat blocks) or your own adventure modules! And how about photos – or even short behind the scenes videos – of your game sessions? You can embed those into World Anvil articles too!

Interactive maps and images can have secret layers visible only to certain people… or to no one but yourself!

Gamify information access!

Want to take information accessibility to the next level? You can gamify password acquisition, allowing your players quick access in-game to new information. For example, a successful history or religion roll, solving a puzzle, or picking up the right book, might open access to new articles on World Anvil for your audience!

monetization sage password protection
Use password protected articles to give VIP or customer access, and change them whenever you need to!

Help your fans support you

Redirect your audience to your Patreon or storefront when they don’t have permissions, with your own custom 404 page! Show your curious readers how they can gain access to the content they’re hungry for, by supporting your creative endeavours.

You don’t need to build it all alone!

Finally, you don’t need to do it alone! Your players, co-DMs or helpers can assist you in building the world! The ‘Writer’ permission allows players to submit draft articles without letting them see any secret content or spoilers by accident! The Editor and Co-Owner permissions allow co-DMs or helpers to assist you in writing articles, organising subscriber groups and getting things done!

What should I do next?

If you’re interested in purchasing a sage membership and starting your monetization journey, go here

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about how to use World Anvil, check out:

If you have a questions or issues regarding subscriptions, you can contact the World Anvil Founders, Dimitris and Janet, at