Turn your Creativity into a Career with World Anvil’s new Sage tier!

Some people call it a worldbuilding Wiki, and others call it a Worldbuilding Bible. World Anvil is all of this and more. We are an online set of tools specially designed for creating the worldbuilding behind your TTRPG campaign, novel, actual play podcast or live stream, epic trilogy, new game, art or anything else. And our new release is going to help you monetize of creative content too.

What is World Anvil?

When you’re worldbuilding, World Anvil helps you organize your world, link everything together and search through it all with ease. Quickly refer back to your maps, track your plots and characters, or even collaborate with other creators in writing teams – co-creators, co-DMs or your players.

You can also publish your worlds with World Anvil, and even monetize your awesome worldbuilding…

World Anvil provides a unique and interactive experience to those interested in your world. You can publish articles to tease or inform your fans, and help them learn more about your world through interactive images, timelines and maps. And, of course, keep them engaged with updates and articles between big content releases!

Are you ready to make money from your worldbuilding and publish in a way that’s never been done before?

Well, here comes Sage…

What is Sage?

Sage is a new package of tools from World Anvil, specially geared towards creators. Professional GMs, authors, artists, live play games, game developers and even small and large publishing houses will find many uses for Sage in audience engagement, retention and monetization.

Sage allows you to keep your fans engaged and hyped between installments of a project, keep a living world, and select who sees which content – perfect for rewarding your supporters and fans.

How can I make money with my worldbuilding?

  • Get your fans hooked and raise your profile with an interactive and fully integrated portfolio of content, beautifully presented.
  • Reward your supporters with content they can access digitally and instantly!
  • What kind of content could you release? Adventure modules, stat blocks and character sheets, plot secrets, bonus character information, character interviews or journals and family trees… are just some ideas! And don’t forget about secret map layers, timelines and interactive images!
  • Who are your supporters? From Twitch subscribers to Kickstarter backers, event attendees, your beta readers or superfans, manage exactly who sees what content, and give tiered and/or exclusive access for anyone who supports you anywhere. You can also monetize by selling access to some or all of your interactive content on World Anvil via a storefront.
  • Have a MailChimp newsletter, Patreon supporters or an email list of your customers? Our CSV import makes it super easy to give them access. You can purge and refresh lists whenever you like to keep them up to date.
  • Reward your superfans by allowing them to submit content to your world as drafts – which you can then edit and publish (or not) as you wish. This is perfect for fan fic, character journals or other player content, or for crowdsourced content.
  • Use privacy locked links so anyone you give the link to can view your content.
  • Lock articles with passwords you can distribute to supporters, teams or colleagues. Limit the number of password uses, or change it regularly if you want! You can even give these out as rewards for raffles, or an in-game success!
  • Accompany your printed content with a digital, searchable, living world. Make edits available live and immediately, instead of issuing an errata, and allow your readers to explore the world interactively.

To learn more

To learn more about how to get the most from Sage’s features and monetize your worldbuilding, click on the link below which best matches you (and if it’s more than one – you’re in for a treat!)

What should I do next?

If you’re interested in purchasing a sage membership and starting your monetization journey, go here worldanvil.com/worldbuilders-guild-membership#sage

You can also check out the other blogs above for more creator-specific guides on how to use Sage.

I have questions, where should I go?

If you have questions about how to use World Anvil, check out:

If you have a questions or issues regarding subscriptions, you can contact the World Anvil Founders, Dimitris and Janet, at hello@worldanvil.com.