It has been a long time coming, and it has been discussed many-a-time on Discord and in our Inner Sanctum Video calls, and I cannot be more happy to finally introduce all of you to… the Explorer Mode!

This is the ultimate fast-as-a-bullet, single page, search-everything-you-ever-wished for and on-the-fly-editing worldbuilding extravaganza for the ages! 


Who is it for?

The Explorer was built with the modern gamemaster/ dungeon master/ storyteller and writer in mind. It is meant to be used for you to edit your work while off-game or writing, but its true power lies with its robust search engine that allows you instantaneously access to your content while in game or mid-writing flow.

What does it do?

The Explorer mode is the third way of exploring your world in World Anvil. Everyone already knows of the Editor and the Presentation mode, but the Explorer is here to bridge the gap between the two. It creates a totally smooth experience while you are working with your world! 

The Explorer is built to: 

  • Allow you to search through your content using FULL TEXT search: that means, title, excerpt, tags and vignette
  • Browse through your categories and articles faster than ever
  • Browse by Template Type with the same super fast speed
  • Navigate your maps from the same page AND create markers and soon marker groups from a streamlined and simplified interface
  • Explore your Timelines with ease (much more to come here soon)
  • Quick edit your articles making the process care-free and allowing you to create a much more robust tagging and organization system
  • Navigate the parent/child connections of your articles by visualizing them as information trees
This absolutely just the beginning for the Explorer. There is MUCH more to come! The specification document for version 1.1 is already under way BUT …

…if you have any ideas about what else you’d like to see from it, NOW IS THE TIME to throw them to me in the comments below!