Gamingbrew is an amazing project that includes both brand-new content for Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) and several live games that stream regularly on Twitch! Gamingbrew is also the designer behind Erenel Fictional Universal, a campaign setting for DnD. We sat down with Lee, the wizard behind Gamingbrew, to chat about building a successful creative community around worldbuilding and Dungeons & Dragons.

What is Gamingbrew?

Gamingbrew was created by Lee, an experienced dungeon master, worldbuilder, and writer. He first started like we all start, playing with friends, but his homebrew campaigns eventually evolved into a full-fledged setting with its own set of rules, as well as three different live games.

Erenel, the setting for his Twitch games, is a fantasy campaign setting that includes original races, classes, and creatures, as well as new rules and, of course, an expansive world full of immersive locations, factions, deities, and magic systems. I mean, look at this beautiful map!

Map of the Erenel Multiverse, the setting created by Gamingbrew.

Map of the Erenel Multiverse, the world created by Gamingbrew. Check it out!

How is Gamingbrew using World Anvil?

World Anvil is an incredible tool to use when dungeon mastering live. I can quickly search for small lore tidbits and look up famous people or landmarks, all while roleplaying. Many times when I describe what an NPC is doing “shifting in their chair, lighting a corncob pipe, pouring a glass of bourbon,” it’s me stalling while I search for something quickly on WorldAnvil! —Lee

Erenel Fictional Universe is fully integrated with World Anvil, which acts as a “wiki” to show off the world to both players and viewers, as well as a campaign primer for dungeons masters who want to run their games on Erenel. World maps, deity dogmas, campaign house rules, and much more are ready to explored on Erenel’s World Anvil.

Additionally, Gaming Brew regularly releases content on his Patreon page. This content includes exclusive articles and stat blocks —all hosted on World Anvil!

What’s next for Lee and the World of Erenel?

Gamingbrew has already multiple fronts open. Three different Twitch games, which you can watch live at 7:00pm EST on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (or catch up on past episodes on YouTube), weekly Patreon content and his work on the Erenel setting itself.

In the near future, expect more activity on Gamingbrew’s Youtube channel, where Lee wants to start a video series with tips and tricks for Dungeon Masters. And keep an eye on his Twitch channel too, as he it looking for partnering with other content creators!

Screenshot of a live dnd game in Gamingbrew's Twitch channel

Gamingbrew DMing a live Dungeons & Dragons game on Twitch.

Finally, some wisdom from Lee on how to develop a project such as his:

Build a community first. I’ve been fortunate to have a tribe of extremely passionate players who eagerly await lore reveals and game nights. The Gamingbrew community started as friends and family who I’ve run D&D for over the years and other creators I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online. I include them as often as I can in everything I do. Their feedback and support allow me to pursue my creative dreams and make the Erenel Fictional Universe a reality. —Lee

Check him out on Twitch (7pm EST, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday), on YouTube and on Patreon. And take a look at Erenel on World Anvil too!

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