Many creatives use World Anvil for their projects, and today I’m showing you what our Sages have been working on! We’re so lucky to have such amazing and hard-working people in our community —their professional storytelling projects are so cool! So let’s check out what our Sages have to offer this month!

Diane Morrison – official NaNoWriMo write-in!

You may know her as SableAradia if you’ve been around for a while —she’s an awesome SciFi, fantasy, and sci-fantasy writer! So awesome that she’s even hosting one of the official NaNoWriMo virtual write-ins! If you’re doing NaNo, go join her in NaNoWriMo’s official YouTube channel, on November 18 at 11am PT!

She also streams very often on her Twitch channel as part of the Anvilite Streamers Corps! Make sure you’re following her to watch her writing streams, and make sure to check out the Toy Soldier Saga world too!

What: NaNoWriMo write-in

When: November 18 at 11am PT (7pm GMT)

Where: NaNoWriMo’s YouTube channel

Leo Soderman – live voice acting for everyone!

Leo, known as Kahunatheelder in our community, is not only an amazing worldbuilder, but also a great voice actor! He streams regularly on Twitch, sharing his writing and worldbuilding process and helping his community.

He also has an extremely cool weekly stream, Kahuna Reads, every Sunday at 3:30pm PT! In this stream, he voice-acts World Anvil articles written by someone in his community. How cool is that? The answer is very cool! And you can get your own articles voice-acted by submitting them in his Discord server!

So go follow his Twitch channel and check out Arnathia, his amazing world!

What: Live voice acting for your articles.

When: every Sunday at 3:30pm PT (11:30pm GMT)

Where: Twitch channel

Doctor Enigma – amazing Metaverse project!

Ever wished to be part of a huge RPG universe where the actions of your party have an impact on the world for other people too? Well, Doctor Enigma‘s Metaverse might be just the project for you! In their RP server hub you’ll find the opportunity to be part of a shared setting where your actions will make history! You can make lasting changes that benefit everyone… or you can cause chaos and mayhem for all players on the setting!

This is an incredibly cool project, so go check out The Metaverse setting! Make sure to check out their Patreon page too if you want to support their work.

What: Metaverse RPG project

When: Ongoing (but you can join!)

Where: Metaverse’s RP server hub

More professional storytelling?

If you’re looking for more professionals using World Anvil for their stories, you’re in luck! We’ve got many professional writers and RPG creators in our community, and you can check out their amazing work too! Head to our Sage Spotlight category or browse worlds on World Anvil!

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