WorldEmber 2020 is here, and so is the WorldEmber Streamers Pack! It’s time to wrap up the year with a bang, by writing 10,000 words of Worldbuilding over the month of December! Win badges, prizes, and the adulation of the community by taking part!

What is WorldEmber?

Just in case you haven’t heard of it, WorldEmber is the biggest event in World Anvil’s yearly challenge calendar!

What: Write at least 10,000 words of unique worldbuilding
Where: on the World Anvil platform
When: 1st December to 31st December
Why: to get inspired, build out your world setting, end the year with a sense of achievement, and get involved in the community! You can win prizes and badges too!

What kind of streams can I do for WorldEmber?

As a WorldEmber Streamer, you can do whatever kind of streams you like! But here are some ideas.

In November we’ll be releasing four homework challenges on the Saturday live streams (7pm UK, 11am Pacific time). These are designed to help you get yourself and your world ready for WorldEmber… but they’ll be a great thing to stream live, too!

You can catch those homework segments live on our Twitch and Youtube channels, so make sure you’re subscribed and following so you don’t miss them!

WorldEmber Preparation Homework in brief:

What: a weekly homework challenge
Where: Live on stream, on VOD or on the World Anvil blog
When: a new challenge is released every Saturday in November
Why: to get yourself and your world ready for WorldEMBER!

Other kinds of WorldEmber streams:

Here are some other kinds of streams you can consider:

  • writing sprints – these are by far the most popular kind of worldbuilding streams right now
  • critique streams – where audience members offer up articles for online critique
  • reading work aloud (either your own worldbuilding articles or the audience’s) – it’s a great way to get people inspired
  • sharing online prompts
  • troubleshooting problems – either the audience’s problems or yours – with your world!

Where can I find the WorldEmber streamers pack?

You can download the WorldEmber streamers pack by following the link.

Inside you’ll find waiting screens, logos, overlays and the (very boomy) World Anvil trailer too!

And of course, if you’re not yet a part of the Anvilite Streaming Corps – the community-run streaming network – make sure you check them out. Not only is it a great way to find people who will enjoy your streams, but they’re also a lovely, supportive bunch with an incredible sense of community. And you’ll get inspiration from their awesome streams too! What’s not to love?!

Remember, you’ll need a World Anvil account to take part in WorldEmber, so make sure you’re signed up to the platform! You can check out our worldbuilding features for writers and our campaign management features for dungeon masters by following the links!


What are your streaming plans for WorldEmber? Share your ideas and streaming links below!