One of the things that really gets me excited is where members of our community develop their own initiatives and create this fuzzy and warm sense of caring and being close to each other even from afar.

It’s one of these occasions that I am here to talk to you about. Qurilion‘s Imaginaerium¬† is a brand new daily zine (mini magazine) filled with inspiration and ideas to keep you motivated and on track through the month of July and, of course, World Anvil’s Worldbuilding Summecamp 2020!

Qurilion joined world anvil weeks before our first Summercamp back in July 2018, and he was the first bearer of the “Human of the Match” honours. Since then he became a beacon for the whole community and created one of the most successful guild chapters of World Anvil, the Cookie Lodge (The Good cookies)

The Imaginaerium is just one of his latest ideas and it is here to get you going through the summer! The Imaginaerium is filled with resources, for you to read, watch or listen to as well as a healthy amount of featuring of some amazing work from our community! It’s already going for 10 days and there are several hours of content for you to go through!

Go check it out! And if you have any ideas or your own community projects – let me know!