World Anvil Summer Camp 2021 is ready to go and we couldn’t be more excited! Read on to learn what it is, how you can take part, and what you can win!

What is World Anvil Summer Camp?

In World Anvil’s Summer Camp, we (World Anvil) challenge you (an awesome worldbuilder) to write 31 worldbuilding prompts in 31 days! Our aim is to help get you inspired and create more of your amazing world. And if you want to get involved in the community, stream or join us on live streams, that’s a bonus!

Where is World Anvil Summer Camp 2021?

The challenge takes place online, so you can take part from wherever you are in the world. All you’ll need is a free World Anvil account! We’re just putting the finishing touches to the challenge page, which launches on 15th June with the full challenge rules, and once the prompts are launched, they’ll appear there, too!

Check out our new logo for Summer Camp 2021!

Important places around the internet where there’s Summer Camp buzz include:

Make sure you’re following us in those places, and use the hashtag #WASummerCamp when you post, so we can respond!

When is World Anvil Summer Camp 2021?

In June we kick off with a prep month! We’ll be doing streams and posts about how to prepare yourself, how to share your work, and what you should already have ready to give you the best chance of finishing! (Read more in More about June’s Summer Camp Prep Month below!)

In July, we release the worldbuilding prompts and start writing! In August we’ll be wrapping up the challenge, pulling the Prize Draw (yes, there are prizes!) and getting everything ready for our Awards Ceremony in September!

July’s Prompt Reveals and Live Streams!

We’ll be releasing the prompts in waves throughout the July 2021! For each reveal, we’ll announce and give tips for each prompt LIVE on livestreams at 11am Pacific Time/ 7pm UK time. We’ll then release the graphics one hour later on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, on our Discord, and on the challenge page.

  • Thursday 1st July: Copper Prompt reveal (prompts 1-10)
  • Saturday 10th July: Silver Prompt reveal (prompts 11-20)
  • Tuesday 20th July: Gold Prompt reveal (prompts 21-30)
  • Friday 30th July: Diamond Prompt reveal (prompt 31!)
  • Sunday 1st August: Closing of Summer Camp Ceremony

What can I win?!

As well as the satisfaction of completing something amazing, you’ll get a digital badge on your World Anvil profile that reflects your level of completion. That’s Copper for 10 prompts, Silver for 20, Gold for 30 and that extra shiny Diamond badge for 31!

All participants who complete 10+ prompts are entered into our Prize Draw, with the chance to win some of the incredible prizes from our sponsors! For Summer Camp 2021, our amazing sponsors are Kobold Press, Eldritch Foundry and Norse Foundry! They’ll be giving thousands of dollars of prizes to our community in incredible RPG books, dice, coins and minis!

This year, our sponsors are giving thousands of dollars of minis, dice, tabletop accessories, worldbuilding guides and even nerd chic! All you need to do is take part for a chance to win! And make sure you check out their amazing stuff at Kobold Press, Eldritch Foundry and Norse Foundry.You can also win prizes simply by attending the prompt reveal streams listed above! We’ll be raffling off goodies on each stream.

What’s different about this year’s Summer Camp?

The biggest difference this year is the number of Worldbuilding Prompts. We heard your feedback and reduced the number of prompts to 31. As with WorldEmber 2020, we’ll be continuing with Community Voting for the much coveted “Best Article”, “Best Body of Work” and “Spirit of the Community” awards!

Are there extra ways I can take part in Summer Camp?

Here are some extra ways you can join in the Summer Camp fun!

This digital sticker is part of our Digital Participation pack! You can order physical versions in our store, too!

Digital participation pack!

Want to show your support! Here are our participation stickers which you can use on your social media, websites, streams and wherever else you like to show your participation in Summer Camp 2021! Download the digital participation pack here which includes digital stickers and cover images for your Facebook and Twitter profiles!

Social Media sharing!

We have awesome communities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Share your work with the hashtag #WAsummercamp, ping us @worldanvil, and we’ll try to share it from the main account!

Sharing your work on social media is another great way to get new readers to your world, and spread the community love. We’ll be doing a whole prep week about Social media too (read more below)!

Streaming Kit!

Fancy seeing your name in lights? Why not try doing a World Anvil livestream? Many of our community have found inspiration and a great sense of community from streaming their efforts. You might read aloud other’s work during your streams and give kind and helpful feedback, run writing sprints, do interviews with other creators or even brainstorm on the prompts with chat  – whatever you like! You can download our stream kit here.

Sponsor a Prompt?

Each year, our community asks how they can give back to the community and sponsor a prompt – and this year it’s easier than ever! Pledge a prize and you’ll get a prompt with your name on it, and a stream shout out from us! Once Summer Camp is over, pick your favourite submission and send us the feedback, and we’ll read it out in the Awards Ceremony. Then, we’ll hook you up with the winner to arrange delivery of your prize.

Sounds fun? Read this form for details, but please only submit if you’re sure you can afford to deliver a significant prize to someone who may be overseas.

More about June’s Summer Camp Prep Month!

Yes, we’ll be running Summer Camp Prep month! This is a chance for you to get yourself and your world ready for Summer Camp, and also learn some useful things along the way! All of our streams are available LIVE on our Twitch channel and for 14 days afterwards. Put these dates in the diary!

Creating your pledge document

Date: Saturday 12th June

Stream time: • 11am Pacific • 2 pm Eastern • 7pm UK

Blog post released: 12pm Pacific, 8pm UK

Setting creative boundaries and planning what will help you most during summer camp – this is the subject of the pledge document! Which world or worlds are you working on, and what are they for? Which areas of those worlds? Defining an active worldbuilding area, and the scope of your summer camp project, is really important to help you succeed! It’ll limit the amount of overwhelm you feel, and help you focus on the important aspects of your world.

Preparing your world for Summer Camp

Date: Saturday 19th June

Stream time: • 11am Pacific • 2 pm Eastern • 7pm UK

Blog post released: 12pm Pacific, 8pm UK

In the past we’ve talked about images and maps. This time we’ll also be talking about house style, unifying ideas, and more! Get your world organized and design assets ready to create some monumental articles in moments!

Get your message out!

Date: Saturday 26th June

Stream time: • 11am Pacific • 2 pm Eastern • 7pm UK

Blog post released: 12pm Pacific, 8pm UK

Probably our most requested topic! We’ll go through how you can get your work out and get more readers, as well as getting that valuable feedback and critique which will help you make your work even better!

Last year’s Prep classes?

Champing at the bit to get ready? Check out last year’s Summer Camp Prep posts below!

  • Week 1 on Worldbuilding Meta
  • Week 2 on Inspiration boards,
  • Week 3 on How Limited Scope can Help
  • Week 4 on Primers and Resolutions

And the World Anvil Summer Camp 2021 Awards Ceremony?

And the culmination of World Anvil’s Summer Camp is always the Awards Ceremony! This will be on a Saturday in September (final date to be confirmed) and will have all your favourite events! That includes the announcement of the Prize Draw winners, of course, as well as the sponsored prompts and the community vote for Best Article, Best Body of Work, and Spirit of the Community! We’ll also play the Voice of the People videos and there’ll even be a fun dress code! If you can’t make the Awards Ceremony itself, there’ll be a winners blog post published with all the winners – who will need to get in touch with us to claim their prize!

What do YOU want to see for World Anvil’s Summer Camp 2021? Share your thoughts below! And if you haven’t already, sign up for your free account, so you’re ready to take part!

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