WorldEmber 2021 has ended, leaving some incredibly stunning pieces of worldbuilding that will boost your inspiration! Let’s take a look back and check out this year’s highlights.

What’s WorldEmber 2021?

WorldEmber 2021 badge

The shiny badge everyone got for completing the challenge!

WorldEmber is the biggest worldbuilding challenge of the year: during December, we challenge you to write 10,000 words (or more!) of worldbuilding. On top of that, there are also special categories you can submit to for a chance to win an extra prize! The goal of this challenge is simple—expand your wordbuilding as much as you can. This year, some lucky winners got amazing prizes from GACUCON, Kobold Press, and Eldritch Foundry, as well as from our generous community sponsors! Seeing your word counts grow was incredible, so the prizes are well-deserved!

Want some stats? Here you go!

  • There were over 37,000 competitors.
  • 191,000 entries were submitted.
  • A total of 595 competitors got to the 10,000 words mark.
  • 113 competitors got to 25,000 words.
  • 33 competitors made it to 50,000 words.

WorldEmber 2021’s highlights!

There were so many incredible pieces of worldbuilding this year that I couldn’t possibly go through them all in a single blog post. If you want to see all of them, check out the WorldEmber 2021 challenge page—make sure to drop a like and a comment if you read something you like! These are the winners of the community categories:

“The Seven Day War” — Favorite article

"The Seven Day War" by Stormbril was the best article

This article by Stormbril was the community’s favorite entry of the challenge—and with good reason! It’s not only a solid piece of worldbuilding with tons of original art, but it’s also interactive: click the buttons to navigate between the different days of the war. Check out The Seven Day War by Stormbril!

Game Master Guru — Favorite Body of Work

Community's Favorite Body of Work: Game Master Guru

Game Master Guru was one of the top writers in words and wrote over 50 articles. And the community definitely noticed their efforts to write amazing worldbuilding for the challenge! Check out all of their entries!

Chrispy_0 — Most words written

chrispy_0 was the user with the most words written

Chrispy_0 absolutely smashed the wordcount goal, with over 100,000 words, divided among over 70 articles—which goes to show the dedication they put into the challenge and their world! Check out Chrispy_0’s entries!

AmélieIS — An all-around good human!

AmélieIS was chosen as the Human of the Match

Her worldbuilding was incredible as always, and so was her involvement with the community!

Our favorite part of challenges is how the community always comes together to support each other. This year, AmélieIS was at the forefront, so she got the special Human of the Match badge! Check out Amélie’s entries! If you want to see the list of winners, check out the winners list!

All the prize winners have now been contacted. If you won a prize but didn’t hear from us, please write an email to!

If you want to join this amazing community, create a free account now! And check out the Best of World Anvil to see even more incredible worldbuilding!

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