Looking for a new and amazing RPG setting to play in? I’m constantly on the look-out for amazing new worlds to play my adventures in! Today I’ll be sharing DGS Games’ campaign setting Faelon, a world where intrigue and mystery meets politics and epic adventures to create incredible games. In fact, the setting has its own skirmish game, Freeblades, and an RPG system, Brightsword, which is releasing soon! And best of all? Their stunning world is on World Anvil!

I sat down with them to learn more about how they’ve been using World Anvil to organize and develop their amazing RPG setting, and share it with the world!

A new RPG setting? Tell me more!

Wandering Wizard, one of the DGS Games minis

Check out this cool miniature of the wandering wizard!

DGS Games is an amazing miniature company that’s been working on the exciting Freeblades game for the past eight years. And, of course, they’ve already got a whole miniature range for the game! Faelon is the setting for this game, and it’s also the childhood D&D world their lead designer, Jon Cleaves, played in. That’s why they’ve been working on Brightsword, a brand-new role-playing game. And they even have a third game on the works, Free Captains, an army level game. And because they’ll all use the same base game mechanics, it’s very easy to switch between each of them! I love how they’re aiming to create a world which you can play at totally different levels, and different kinds of adventures in. It’s so rich and fascinating!

Using World Anvil to create an amazing RPG setting

Like many of us before World Anvil, the folks at DGS Games used to have some issues with organizing their world setting. Their notes about the world were all over the place, and even worse, their fans missed much of the world’s content, because there was no good way to share it beyond published books! When they came across World Anvil they realized they’d found the solution to their problems! Now they can easily organize and share their world, and their work!

But even better, the co-authoring features of World Anvil let them work on the world as a team. The Discord integration is great to share their new content with their fans. And, of course, thanks to the various monetization options they’ve been able to integrate their world with Patreon.

I should mention that we love the World Anvil community, and [the fact] that Janet and Dimitris work with other industry leaders. Every time I think to myself that I wish WA could do X, I get an update telling me that they have added both X and Y, either internally to World Anvil itself. or through a partner like Foundry VTT, or the folks over at DUNGEON FOG. It’s felt like we have all been on this journey together.

map of the amazing RPG setting of Faelon

This awesome map of Faelon – a great-looking world I can’t wait to explore more!

Exciting stuff is coming!

The Brightsword release is just around the corner, which will open a whole world of possibilities for the already amazing Faelon! Of course, they will keep adding new content to Faelon every month. And keep an eye out for the new range of miniatures! If you’re familiar with the setting, you’ll be happy to know that the Koronnan faction is getting some shiny new minis —and if you aren’t, it’s a great moment to check it out!

So go check out DGS Games, explore the world of Faelon, and get playing! Make sure to check out their Patreon and follow them on Instagram too!