What Is The ASC?

We’re a community of World Anvilites who do internet streaming, broadcasting, podcasts, etc. – on Twitch, Youtube, and other outlets to share information, our streams, calendars, support each other and work together. Esongbird24601 suggested our motto, and it really fits.

ASC Motto: Building worlds. Building community. Building up people.


How Did It Start?

The Anvilite Streamers Corps began humbly, when I was helping the streamers in Qurilion’s Happy Sun Lodge Discord server and my own server for our joint Summer Camp party. We wanted to support each streamer and catch all the broadcasts. The little group even gave me the courage to start broadcasting too. I needed a visual of the schedule because the list of text got confusing fast. So we created a Google calendar.

Word got around and people asked to be added to the calendar and it needed a home. It outgrew my ability to manage it and people on the calender said, “Hey let’s make a network!” and “We’ll help!” in the true World Anvil spirit. We just needed a way to stay organized and make the calendar management feasible for a sizeable group. Thus the ASC Network was born. Kahuna The Elder helped me test out ways to help the streamers have control over their calendar events and helps manage the calendar. He also designed our logo. DaniAdventures made recruitment posters. Secondhand Samurai jumped in to support us and give guidance. Zogmaddog took up the membership for us. Sable Aradia and Laurabones spearheaded the social media side. Timepool offered to help with the site and will make us our own theme. Heffe volunteered to help with events. And Lyraine Alei has been our head cheerleader. 

ASC Network Calendar + Time Zone Options

Our network, which isn’t even a month old, has grown beyond any hopes I had. The support from everyone has been amazing. Many members are already at affiliate level thanks to YOU – the wonderful World Anvil community. We’re up to just short of 35 members at the writing of this article. And I swear I see new streamers bravely pushing that “Go Live” button each day. 2020 may have sucked badly on many fronts, but seeing the ASC come together and help people with their prompts and articles, teach people how to do CSS, and so many other amazing things — it brings me to tears in gratitude and pride to be a part of it. 


What’s New For ASC?

Members have complete control of their calendars. So once your calendar is added, any updates or additions will auto-magically show on the network calendar on our network home page. We recently posted the little blue dropdown menu under the calendar that allows everyone to view the calendar in their own time zone. The need for this was obvious right after we posted the calendar and people were saying things like “Oh, the calendar isn’t in my time zone. How do I figure out what time it is?” or “Darn I missed that stream because I goofed on the time.” That was the push that lead me into playing with statblock templates and the Google calendar API. So, I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. The network is also on Twitter and Facebook. 


What If I Don’t Stream? Or If I Want To Watch Other Streams?

We hope you’ll catch some broadcasts! Everyone’s stream is unique. Personalities, topics, and help they offer – check each out, so that you can and see how they resonate with you. Ask questions. Join in on the conversation. If you like the stream, follow them. If you can’t watch or listen the whole time, we understand. Stop by and say ‘Hi’, stay as long as you like. Click here to see the schedule. Click on an event to see the details. There’s a link to the streamer’s channel – so you can click to go there. 

ASC Event: click on the event to see details and the link for the stream

Members also post streams in the WA discord #summer-camp-streamers and #anvil-streams. And several other discords have a streamers channel, where you might see our streams. 


Why Do We Have Requirements?

We want to be as open and welcoming as possible. Our goal as a group is to not only grow as streamers but to give back to the community of World Anvil. Our requirements are simple. You need to have been on WA at least a month, have an active world, have WA related content in at least some of your streams, and your content must be allowable on the platform you stream on. These help us make sure that people aren’t just joining WA to use the community for publicity, and that people are team players. If you don’t quite meet the requirements, we will still try to support you as a streamer. But you need to show us you’ve met the requirements to be on the roster and part of the network events and profile pages. If you’re new to WA, glad to have you here. We’ll be watching your content and cheering you on. I hope to have a WA newbie stream calendar just for that purpose. If you’ve not updated your worlds in a while, Summer Camp is a great excuse to do so! Our calendar is also getting pretty full. Soon we’ll be officially asking that non-WA related streams be only published on your streamer profile–which are coming soon. The fill-in template for them is designed, we just have some testing to do. As for what constitutes a WA stream, it’s pretty open. Even working on a book you’re writing based on a WA world would count, if you reference your world in the stream. 


How Can I Join the World Anvil Streamers?

We have instructions for joining and the ASC Code here. 


What If I Just Want To Try Streaming Before Joining?

We have a system to allow you to have an event highlighting that you’re new–which will go on the newbie stream calendar. 


What Is The Plan For Anvilite Streamers Corps?

Summer Camp is what brought our group together, so we’ll be creating events after the hubbub of the big event cools. I’ve heard many people saying they’ll keep streaming even after camp. And as mentioned above, we’re about to test our user profiles so you can tell us about your streams and where you broadcast. And we’re open to suggestions. 

See you all in the streams!