On the 1st of December, the official first day of WorldEmber, Anvilites from across Europe gathered in London for WorldAnvil’s first convention; Dragonmeet 2018.


What is Dragonmeet?

Dragonmeet is a large tabletop gaming convention in the UK with old and new games to play, industry panels, book signings, an art show, bring & buy, cosplay events, lots of new traders, big demos, tournaments and lots more.

A map to the two tables in the trade hall.

In the morning

The Anvilites who arrived first sat up the two tables while the others scouted the area and the “competition”. Some even bought merch from the competition. coughs

Happy Dimitris standing behind the desks at the convention

Part of the convention staff

Partners in crime!

We also had some friends with us;

Caeora from Blue Sword Games, the guy with glasses, a beard, and a dark shirt. Caeora is the cartographer who created our beautiful WorldAnvil world that you can see parts of in these images. You can also check out his twitch and his Patreon. hint nudge

As well as Till from Dungeon Fog, the tall guy with a light grey beanie. You might’ve heard about Dungeon Fog already? Dungeon Fog is a neat online map maker for RPG game masters. It will help you make immersive rooms and dungeons for your players to fawn over.

One of the convention tablesUdan poop, a popular convention treat.


At 10:00 AM unenlightened civilians flooded into the room. With fresh faces and sparkly eyes, they slowly followed the stream down the room.

As soon as they tried to pass our table we hit them with fliers and asked what soon became this day’s catchphrase:

“Have you heard about WorldAnvil?”


The tables and the Anvilites standing ready at the convention

That phrase is now etched into the recorded history of World Anvil. Some of us can still hear it in our dreams.

It will be taken out, dusted off and chanted again at the next convention.


The long day

During the entire day, we told players, GMs and writers about all the cool features that they could personally benefit from if they should choose to join us. Which hopefully they all did.

As the day went on, Anvilites who weren’t even part of the WA Dragonmeet staff came out of the woodwork. They were all very helpful during the very long day and it was nice to meet them. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by and talked to us, as well as everyone who helped out at the convention.

We spread the good word of the Anvil and met many who had heard about us and even more who hadn’t. Those were the ones who we tried to focus our energy on.


At the end

At the end of the day, a GM stepped up to us with our flier in his hand. His players had told him to come and see us. We showed him the way and hopefully, he is among us now.

All in all, this was a successful convention and we learned what we needed to do better at our next convention. People like to see what we are talking about so we will be bringing more tablets next time.

An ipad with Ethnis on the convention table

Thanks for this time, everyone.

See you at the next convention!