Staff here at World Anvil are completely blown away by the #WASummerCamp competition this week… Tonnes of articles have been rolling in all week at lightning speeds, resulting in 3620 across 539 competitors. Talk about a lot to read! But don’t worry, we’ve put together a quick roundup of this week’s Summer Camp articles for everyone- including small posts, detailed posts, and everything in between!

Before you read on, don’t forget to check out our Roundup for Week 1 and Week 2 of #WASummerCamp!

Day 15: Describe a species in your world associated with good or bad luck.

Week 3 of World Anvil Summer Camp 2018 continued to amaze us, amassing 2,475 entries from over 430 competitors as reported by Gorge on his daily Twitch stream. As of today, 127 entries describes a species associated with good or bad luck. Janet expands on playful possibilities in her Unpacking the Prompt, such as a species literally having good or bad luck or being an omen to other people. Hopefully you haven’t left writing this article totally up to chance!

Day 16: Describe a building that was once a grand place, but is now ruined.

Janet gave viewers various reasons why grand locations may have fallen in her Unpacking the Prompt, such as the fall of a civilization or that values represented by that building have fallen out of favor. In contrast, the number of entries and competitors continue to rise as per Gorge’s livestream, jumping to 2,630 across 449 competitors! Keeping above triple digits, a strong number of 110 submitted entries grace this prompt!

Day 17: What is the most stylish method of transportation in your world?

A bit more than halfway into the competition, Janet saunters in with luxurious tips for this day’s Unpacking the Prompt. Unfortunately, today’s stats were not covered during the daily livestream, but competitors submitted 96 entries for Day 17! Although we don’t know the exact numbers, we are confident that many of you submitted more articles while even more competitors decided to partake in the challenge. Kudos to all you hardworking participants!

Day 18: Describe the most influential or well-known book within your world.

Janet’s Unpacking the Prompt focuses on influential or well-known books, covering religious, mythological, magical, and profane routes entries can engage in. While Gorge, adorning his scout master uniform, reports during the daily livestream a whopping 2,916 entries across 479 competitors! Today’s prompt reaches a solid even 100 submitted entries. Reaching day 18 has proven a struggle to keep up the pace, but remember you can always flesh out your entry later after meeting the minimum.

Day 19: Describe a species in your world used for medicinal purposes.

Day 19 touches on another species related prompt, with Janet Unpacking the Prompt to help worldbuilders think about what components of flora and fauna can be used for medicine. We also hit a milestone, breaching over 3,000 entries with almost 500 competitors during Coach Gorge’s daily livestream! Truly amazing! As of today, 91 of our total entries account for this prompt alone- a little lower than the previous two days, but still close to triple digits!

Day 20: What is considered the most valuable item ever created in your world?

Unpacking the Prompt talked about a broad topic: What is considered valuable? Janet breaks it down into between an item’s power versus its cultural implications. By Gorge’s predictions from the previous day, competitors surpassed the 500 mark! He also reported a total of 3187 during his daily livestream, and 97 of those have been submitted to this brilliantly challenging prompt.

Day 21: What is the most popular sport in your world? Explain the rules.

The week ended with a prompt on the Most Popular Sport with 73 entries as of today! This may have been a challenging one for competitors, who have participated in the previous Competitive Spirit challenge earlier this year. Janet, in her Unpacking the Prompt video, gives us examples with team sports versus single-person sports, utilized items, and even what abilities a species has to influence the game. Integrated into World Anvil’s weekly roundup, two very dashing staff members Barron and Ademal (with Gorge as a surprise guest) covered today’s summer camp updates!

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