Well, guys – the holiday season is bearing down upon us (I’ve already heard more carols than I can count) and whether you’re playing DnD5e, Pathfinder or Call of Cthulu, the eternal question remains… What RPG gifts do you get your players or your DM /GM for Christmas? How will you show your appreciation for another amazing year of role playing together?

Well, I got you covered. I’ve been decking the halls and scouring the net for glorious things to augment your tabletop gaming experience. So, take a look in my sack of gifts, presents and stocking fillers, and see what appeals!


RPG Gifts Idea 1: A World Anvil membership!

Did you know you can buy World Anvil Guild passes from our website? For the Game Master who has everything else, give the gift of Creativity (with a massive side order of Organisation!) this holiday season.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the amazing TJ Trewin has been at it again! He’s rustled us up an AMAZING World Anvil Christmas card – so check it out on our RedBubble store (the rest of the store is gradually being built). I can’t get over how cute those damn Udans are!

World Anvil Christmas Card

RPG Gifts Idea 2: Cantrip Candles

So, you’re ready to play – you’ve got your music set up and the lights are low, but something’s missing – the scent of danger, the pungent aroma of adventure. Well, say hello to Cantrip Candles! Christoff’s specialised scents give an extra dimension of ambience and atmosphere to table top games, and he ships internationally. He’s also super lovely, and the incredible Deven Rue swears by these candles for inspiring her writing or map making. I can’t think of better recommendation!

Cantrip Candles





RPG Gifts Idea 3: Deven Rue’s Online Store

Speaking of the Mistress of Maps, keep your player’s toes toasty with her map socks this Christmas, or help your GM find inspiration with her cartographical creations! Her latest product line is engraved leather maps (like the one below) and they are EPIC! Deven Rue’s store has some amazing stuff, and she quality tests all her products to make sure that they’re up to snuff… Yup, she really is that amazing…

…let’s all have a minor fangirl moment here over this map…

Seat of Arturean Map on Leather, from Deven Rue’s Store

RPG Gifts Idea 4: Trent Hergenrader’s Collaborative Worldbuilding

Wanna learn about worldbuilding from the experts? We suggest you turn to Dr Trent Hergenrader who is an ACTUAL Professor of Worldbuilding at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. His book “Collaborative Worldbuilding” is an incredible primer in the craft, and a must for all serious worldbuilders. You might remember it from this post about fuelling your inspiration for worldbuilding. Be sure to have a sneaky read before you gift it to your DM or players!

Best DM gifts

RPG Gifts Idea 5: Guy Sclanders: The Complete Guide to Campaign Design

Maybe you’ve got the whole worldbuilding thing licked, but you want to give some inspiration for campaign design? In that case, check out the award-winning Game Master Guy Sclanders, from How to Be A Great GM. His new book “The Complete Guide to Creating Epic Campaigns” is not just informative, it’s also a really fun read. He writes the way he speaks on his YouTube channel, and it’s effortlessly entertaining. I found this book really helpful for writing too, especially the way he describes conflict and plot-structure – I highly recommend it! You can get the hard copy here, or buy the pdf from here.


The Perfect RPG Gift

RPG Gifts Idea 6: Table Top Loot’s DICE!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that EVERYONE NEEDS MORE DICE! TableTop Loot has an amazing selection of dice and table top accessories, AND incredible customer service. Even better, they also work to provide schools and community role play clubs with the kit they need to get started… So you can feel extra good about giving, and maybe get some for yourself too! As far as RPG gifts go, it’s a win-win!

DnD player gifts

Dungeons and Dragons gifts







RPG Gifts Idea 7: Drawlab’s Legendary Coins

OK, so as I mentioned – everyone NEEDS dice. We all know it. But you know what I DIDN’T know I needed until I saw it? LEGENDARY COINS! Drawlab makes an awesome range of tabletop accessories, including the absolutely stunning coins pictured below. They’re perfect for adding a little more submersion to your games, and they make excellent counters too! Evangelos from Drawlabs also told me that they’re currently doing a redesign of their dice catapults (DICE CATAPULTS! I know!) – which I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for – so keep an eye on their store for those… 


RPG Gifts Idea 8: Cardography, by Brian Colin

Not only is Brian Colin a ridiculously talented sculptor under the name Creature Curation, he’s also an amazing artist and designer – and you can see that in his quick dungeon packs “Cardography”! Each pack has an adventure module in it, but they’re also ideal for creating a quick dungeon crawl, or spawning ideas. They’re super easy to use as well, and each contains 5 original monsters and 5 magic items from Brian Colin’s world Revilo! Perfect for a one shot, an intro to the group for new players or just a fun holiday from your main campaign.

stocking presents dnd









RPG Gifts Idea 9: Dungeon Fog subscription

You want maps in a hurry? We got the tools for you. Dungeon Fog allows you to create the snazziest location maps and battle boards out there. It’s super easy to use (even I can manage it) and the effect is fantastic, even down to showing lighting and shadows! They have assets for loads of different genres too, so whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got your back. Dungeon Fog was designed by Till and his team to help DMs prep more efficiently, creating maps and their contents quickly and easily. So instead of complaining to your GM that you want a real map (rather than something scribbled on the back of a napkin) grab them a subscription to Dungeon Fog, and watch them level up their Storytelling game, and your playing experience!


RPG Gifts Idea 10: Harps Corp – an unexpected gem!

You want to see something beautiful? Check out this woodwork from Harps Corp! Our stall was opposite theirs at Dragonmeet a few weeks ago, which is how I first found them out. I couldn’t get over how PERFECT their products are – not only in design but in quality. They make crafted wooden boxed to hold player’s dice and figurines. And their gorgeous DM screens with inbuilt dice towers are perfect to pop your laptop or tablet behind and use with World Anvil’s Digital DM screen. Plus, they offer personalised engraving too. It gives a whole new dimension to the table top experience. They’re perfect place to find gifts for both players and storytellers!

DnD gifts presents

perfect DM screenDnD gifts presents







Well, you beautiful beans! Hopefully this has given you all some gift inspiration for the holiday season – remember to get those orders in quickly, so your presents arrive before Christmas. And have a very merry and peaceful holiday season – with all the tabletop gaming you can manage! 🙂 <3