World Anvil is a worldbuilding and RPG platform. With the recent issues faced by the social media giant Tumblr, you might be considering moving away. If you’re a writeblr, artblr, D&Der or worldbuilder, we have an awesome community waiting for you and amazing features to make your life easier. Plus, no automated censor algorithms either! We aren’t trying to be Tumblr 2.0; World Anvil is a whole new amazing experience.

We already have 820,000 articles, 125,000 users and 85,000 worlds on World Anvil. Find out why you should join this growing community below.

1. We Are Independently owned

World Anvil is independently owned by a pair of english creatives; an opera singer/author and a coder/rpg’er. We’re funded by our communities generosity, not advertising revenue. We have robust servers, and plans in place to keep World Anvil running even in the unlikely occurrence of our developer’s deaths.

2. You keep your copyright

Unlike many websites, we made sure to tailor our copyright policies to keep you in control of your creativity. It costs us extra, but its a small price to pay. We believe you deserve all the rights to your work, and shouldn’t have to give that away just to post it somewhere.

3. Awesome Features

Let’s talk features! We’re always adding them, but we already have a whole host, so let’s be brief!

The core of the World Anvil functionality is our linking system. You can connect articles together at the tap of a key, and navigate your world through hyperlinks. We also have placeholder links. Writing, get a great idea or name something? Just link it, and you can come back later to create the article.

Community! Commenting, favourites and bookmark lists are already available. You can search your own or other people’s worlds, check out a community page that shares what everyone else is doing on the website, and participate in regular contests. We have a Codex that explains the website’s features, an active Twitch channel bringing you weekly worldbuilding, and a 6,000 member Discord server with many people eager to help you in your creative endeavors.

Timelines let you keep track of your OCs, world’s, or novel’s events.

The Campaign Manager lets you play your RPG games with people all over the world, through character sheets, dice rolling, handout screens, the D&D 5e SRD at your finger tips, player journals, and more.

Guild members can use Secrets to hide parts of their articles, so only your subscribers can see. Give your friends, fans or paying customers subscriber access as an extra perk (perfect if you have patrons or twitch subscribers you want to reward).

The Prose template lets you present writing to your fans, with both dark and light reading modes, adjustable font size, and BBcode formatting. It is complimented by the Plot template to help you keep your stories organised.

4. Friendly community

We’re a diverse community from many nations and language groups. We stand by our commitment to diversity and our staff team reflects that, coming from all walks of life across the world. We have a robust etiquette and code of conduct to reflect this commitment.

5. We’ve got even more coming

Would you believe World Anvil is only a year old? We’ve added a lot since we started but we’re not finished yet. Play-by-post roleplaying systems, an enhanced campaign manager, Community Features 2.0 and more are on the roadmap for 2019.

There are tons more awesome things about World Anvil, but this gives you a taste of what we offer. Why not explore World Anvil and start your worldbuilding adventure? You can also check out the Whistle Stop Tutorial of World Anvil on our Youtube channel.