It’s been FOUR years since World Anvil was born —can you believe it? We’re celebrating our 4th birthday megastream on 30th October at 11:00 PST • 14:00 EST • 19:00 BST on our Twitch channel. And we’d love it if you were there! You can expect raffles galore, challenge announcements, and a look back at World Anvil for all the nostalgia!

Best of World Anvil shortlist and Shipwright Challenge winners

best of WA 2020

Last year’s Best of World Anvil award —so shiny!

Last month we asked our community to submit their best work for the Best of World Anvil award —and now we’ve got the shortlist! We’ll announce the amazing anvilites that made it to the award shortlist and tell you about the next steps for the award. The final winners will be featured on the Best of World Anvil page as well as in blog posts, videos, streams, and more!

And yes, the Shipwright Challenge winners and runner-ups have been chosen too —make sure to tune in to be the first to know! The challenge winners will get a DungeonFog membership, a feature on the Worldbuilding Magazine, and the winner badge!

World Anvil’s 4th birthday

4th birthday badge

It’s been 4 amazing years of fantastic worldbuilding and creativity! We’re absolutely floored by all the great worldbuilding we’ve seen in the past years and by how far the community has come. And what better way to celebrate it than with you?

That’s right, people, time to get emotional! We’ll take a look back at the last four years, but we’ll also talk about what’s ahead of us. And let me tell you, there’s a ton of exciting new things coming!

Spookiful People

Spookiful People 2021 badge

The shiny badge you’ll get for Spookiful People!

It wouldn’t be a proper celebration stream without a Beautiful People event. And, as is tradition for this time of the year, it’s Spookiful People edition! The even is simple: dress up in a spooky costume, take a selfie, and post it in the #spookiful-people channel that will open on our Discord server on the 27th —make sure you read carefully the channel’s pinned message for the full details. Submissions will be featured on stream and you’ll get the fancy Spookiful People badge! Make sure to join the Discord server to take part!

Save the date for the Birthday Megastream!

Make sure to save the date for:

30th October 2021
11:00 PST • 14:00 EST • 19:00 BST
on our Twitch channel

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