Each year, we create the Best of World Anvil challenge to celebrate our incredible creative community —and this year we’ve opened it up, so you’ll see even more new names from incredible World Anvil creators! Follow the link to check out the finalists and VOTE for your favorite. The vote is divided into multiple categories, so let’s break them down!

Best of World Anvil 2021: The Major Categories

These categories have the best content overall on World Anvil! They are:

  • Best article: this is the all-around best article on World Anvil! It’s original, creative, well-laid out, and well written.
  • Most creative world: the most original, creative, and well-constructed world.
  • Best world introduction: clear introductions are essential for readers to understand a new world!
  • Most well-organized world: organization is key —this one showcases worlds that take World Anvil organization tools to the next level!
  • Most beautiful homepage: eye-candy that doesn’t get in the way of worldbuilding.
  • Best world homepage: clear, informative, and beautiful.

Best of World Anvil Maps and Timelines – 2021 edition

This second section is specifically about these two kinds of content on World Anvil. History and geography are important parts of many worlds, after all! There are three categories:

  • Best timeline: creative and original timeline, with good writing and presentation.
  • Most informative map: the amount of displayed information, as well as how it is shown.
  • Most beautiful map: it’s all about art skills for this one!

Best Worldbuilding Articles of 2021!

Articles are the main body of content for most World Anvil worlds, and there are so many amazing articles that we had to add categories for them! There are specific categories to choose the best articles using these templates:

  • Character
  • Ethnicity/culture
  • Geographic location
  • Item
  • Landmark/building
  • Material
  • Myth
  • Settlement
  • Species
  • Technology
  • Tradition
  • Vehicle

Go vote for YOUR choice, to help your favorite pieces win!

The winners of 2020?

Now is the time to get one last look at the best worldbuilding from last year (you can see last year’s finalists here)! This is some of the best worldbuilding content you can find, and they’re great examples of what you can do with World Anvil So make sure to check out this showcase page for tons of inspiration from World Anvil experts!

What’s your favourite piece of worldbuilding on World Anvil? Vote for it and let your voice be heard!