On May 20th we celebrated Play May Day, a one-day RPG event in which we stream one-shots created and run by the community, for the community. These one-shots were chosen from Adventure April submissions, and it was so cool to see how creative you all are! If you missed it and would like to watch the one-shots, we’ve got your back—we’ve uploaded them to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Want some free and fun one-shots? Check out our favorites from Adventure April!

Park Ranger Rescue (Emily Armstrong/DeadAussieGamer)

Emily Armstrong wrote a fantastic one-shot about a group of park rangers with the job of defending the park from vicious monsters. Their only shelter is the small ranger station, and the monsters get worse every night! DeadAussieGamer, the GM for this one-shot, gave it a twist though: the players are also monstrous characters!

Want to run this one-shot yourself? Check it out on World Anvil!

Massacre on the Moonleaf Express (Kitoypoy)

Up for some murder mystery? The Moonleaf Express is an airship (which is already my favorite thing), and there’s been a murder on board! The 5-player party will have to investigate and uncover the murderer. Give it a watch if you’re looking for a thrilling mystery adventure set in one of the best magipunk fantasy settings around!

Want to run this one-shot yourself? Check it out on World Anvil!

Puzzles on the Road (WordiGirl)

In this one-shot, the players take on the role of secret agent interns in a game filled with puzzles! If you like puzzles and RPGs, why not give a puzzle-based RPG a try? Watch this one and try to solve all of them along the two groups of Anvilites in a puzzling road adventure!

Want to solve the puzzles on your own? Check it out on World Anvil!

Which was your favorite one-shot? Did you run an Adventure April one-shot too? Leave a comment and tell me about it!