The Tales of the Valiant RPG is now out on Kickstarter! But what is it, you may be asking? What’s the story there?!

So, some of you may remember, waaaaay back in January, the controversy surrounding Wizards of the Coast (the company that makes Dungeons and Dragons) and the proposed changes to the Open Gaming Licence, or OGL. Well, Kobold Press, a small-but-epic industry leader in RPGs (and some of the nicest beans in the industry) stepped forward with codename “Project Black Flag”, and alternative to those who love DnD5e but want it just a smidge better.

Now the black flag has waved to reveal their new project in all its glory: the Tales of the Valiant RPG! And it’s now in Kickstarter!

Tales of the Valiant RPG Slipcase and Books – some of Kobold Press’s finest design to date!

Kobold Press has a track record of concepting and delivering INCREDIBLE Kickstarters – like their Cities and Towns book, or their incredible Tomes of Beasts! And this new RPG system looks set to be no exception.

So what’s the hook for this brand new RPG system? I asked Kobold-ring-leader and COO, Alexander Stangroom:

It’s everything everyone loves about DnD5e, but heightened. Our senior game designers have smoothed out the corners, and added new material. And best of all, Tales of the Valiant is a system that’s open and available to all. If you’ve played D&D 5th edition before, you’ll feel right at home.

The Tales of the Valiant RPG will be backward compatible with all your DnD5e books, which means you can keep using that spectacular library on books I KNOW some of you have invested a lot in. And best of all (in my opinion), Tales of the Valiant is setting agnostic, which means its perfect for homebrewers and worldbuilders like us Anvilites! I’m already looking forward to it!

Is Tales of the Valiant on World Anvil?

Yes, it is! We LOVE everyone’s favourite Kobolds, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be Official Character Creator for Tales of the Valiant RPG! We’ll also be looking to support GMs with statblock templates, to help you worldbuild your own campaign settings for Tales of the Valiant. These are all the supported statblock templates for the game:

Tales of the Valiant is everything everyone loves about DnD5e, but heightened. Quote by Alexander Stangroom.

The Tales of the Valiant RPG will include 13 base classes, along with lineages and heritages from everyone’s favourite classic fantasy roleplaying. You’ll get all the rules for players and GMs in a single book. The Monster Vault, the companion book, includes astonishing original fantasy creatures of the kind of originality and quality we’ve come to expect from Kobold Press’s, to help you create compelling fantasy encounters. Check it out on Kickstarter if you want to bring this amazing project to life.