Valentine’s Day is literally just around the corner, so here is your annual reminder, before it can jump out and scare you. And if your love interest is just as much of a nerd as you, I’m also giving you some awesome tabletop RPG inspired Valentine’s Day gifts. Surprise your bae with a gift that has a dash of nerdiness, as all good things should have.

A candle that smells like old books

Who doesn’t want their house to smell like old books or a medieval village bakery? If you said “me”, please reassess your priorities. Because these candles from Cantrip Candles are so incredible. They’re pure 100% soy, and more allergy friendly than other candles. Soy candles are the only ones I can enjoy without migraines, so I’m super grateful!

Right now you can also get CUSTOM LABELS with your message of choice to your Valentine! Use code WORLDLOVER10 at checkout to get 10% off!

Dice. Need I say more?

I don’t really, but I’m going too because these dice deserve it. Tabletop Loot has some incredible dice, in an awesome range of colours. Plus other accessories like leather dice bags, dice trays, and Deven Rue inspired accessories. I personally recommend their CandyLand colour as a beautiful Valentine’s Gift.

Use code Anviltines Day at the checkout for 20% off all dice until the 17th February.

An incredible notebook

The Rook and the Raven have some BEAUTIFUL notebooks, including your own custom creations you can put together on their website and order. They’re really quite unique. I may have a stationery addiction (but I’m not admitting anything).  However anyone will love their dungeon master planners or awesome character sheet diaries.

Use code ANVIL at checkout for 15% off anything at the Rook and the Raven until Valentine’s Day.

The gift of World Anvil

Give your Valentine the gift of World Anvil by getting them a subscription!

A gift subscription, or Guild Pass, is a code you can buy for your friend that will let them activate a Guild subscription for their account. The subscription will be active for 12 months, and you get to choose the Guild rank (Master, Grandmaster, or Sage). Give them the gift of organization and creativity!


The gift of a love story

Okay, before you leave – this isn’t as cliche as you think! Why not grab your Valentine one of four lovely romance books from Kyanite Publishing.

My choices have a bit of a twist – with some paranormal happenings and some very witty titles. Check out Feathers and Fae, 50 Shades of Neigh (yes, I’m serious), It Starts With a Kiss, or Forgotten Storm.

Receive 25% off these titles when you use the code LoveAnvil at checkout.

Make Valentine’s Day nerdy again!

Let me know in the comments what you’re getting your soulmate(s) for Valentine’s Day!