World Anvil’s interactive maps are one of our platform’s most popular features, but where can you find or make the actual maps for worldbuilding? After all, World Anvil is not a map-making software, and you’ll need one or more map images to get started!

To help you out, I’ve created this blog post – which contains a tonne of other blog posts – to help you find maps for worldbuilding!

Types of maps for worldbuilding?

There are a lot of types of different types of maps you might need for worldbuilding – the main three are:

  • World or region maps – great maps for worldbuilding overviews!
  • City or settlement maps – perfect for getting your characters or PCs through crowded streets, and mapping out shops and houses.
  • “Battle maps” – this also translates to building maps and scene maps which Game Masters and Writers will find very useful!
maps for worldbuilding

What types of maps do you need for worldbuilding? World maps, region maps, city maps and battle/ scene maps! This imagery is from Project Deios, the worldbuilder’s mapping software!

Once you have your map images, of course, you can upload them to World Anvil in seconds to get started with interactive mapping! Dropping pins onto a map and linking them to information in your world makes it so much easier for you – and for anyone else you share your maps with – to quickly understand how your world works. It’ll help you find the information to write your novel or run your game really quickly. And, of course, they look freaking awesome too!

You can also layer the maps in World Anvil! For city or world maps, use layers to denote subterranean layers, political regions, or climate biomes. For building or dungeon maps, that’s the perfect way to show the different stories or levels of a building!

The mapmaking resources

I’ll be rolling these out over the next few weeks, so check back for more posts linked below, or keep an eye on our social media!


And if you need some inspiration for your adventures, check out some Free DnD Oneshots from our community!


Are there other kinds of maps for worldbuilding that you use? Please let me know in the comments!


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