Salutations, forgers of worlds! This is a guest post written by your friends over at Worldbuilding Magazine!

Don’t know what Worldbuilding Magazine is?

We’re a community-run digital periodical with informational and inspirational articles, art features, interviews, and more—all focused on worldbuilding, of course. We started back in April 2017 with the goal of creating a source of consistent, quality content that worldbuilders could look to as a reliable guide. With a dozen issues now published, we believe we’ve made great progress towards that goal. You can read them all (and subscribe to future issues) for free on our website.

Coming Up!

This coming Saturday, December 1st, we will be releasing our thirteenth issue, the final issue of our second volume and of 2018. Themed “Magic”, we will be closing out the year with an issue comprised of:

  • Articles analyzing magic system categories
  • Advice on building your own systems of magic
  • An interview with Youtuber Hello Future Me
  • Featured magic systems submitted by the community
  • and more!

Got Worldbuilding Questions?

One of our regular features is our Ask Us Anything column, in which our resident Adjunct Professor Percival Aluminius Illumnius of the Amalagmated Order of Interdimensional Persons answers worldbuilding-related questions whose answers may benefit readers who have or will encounter similar conundrums. We would love for you to submit questions to us as Professor Percival is always chomping at the bit to flaunt his expansive expertise answer your questions with proficiency and modesty.

Check out the spell template

After you’ve finished reading the December issue, hopefully you’ll be inspired for doing worldbuilding of your own. Check out the Spell template on WorldAnvil for all your magic building needs. It has a great list of options for helping you consider the segments that make up a spell. You may also want to consider the Natural Law template for your magic system as a whole.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us to submit questions, learn more about the magazine, get involved, or simply to say hi, please drop by our Discord server or email us at We’re always looking for artists, editors, writers, and even infrastructure managers. We are, after all, by the community, for the community.