How to Be a Great Game Master has released another video for their World Anvil Series!

This time, he discusses the Document Template. He starts off with a great question, basically stating “Do I really care?” Documents can be viewed as a seemingly unimportant item to describe in great detail, so why go through the trouble of fleshing one out? Well inside the template, he points out an interesting prompt section that sparked loads of ideas to make a world feel more real.

Document Medium List

A peak at some of the possible mediums!

This is where deeper questions about documents arise, such as why a medium is used versus another in a particular world. He gets creative, encouraging to think outside the box, coming up with specific kinds of documents for different world settings, from fantasy to science fiction.

He also mentions the importance and power of direct and indirect forms of information documents can hold. These insights into documents and their potential can enhance the tone of your world! Watch his video below to learn more and get inspired!