Looking to get started on World Anvil as a Freeman? Well, the amazing Davina, from our community, has been working hard on a tutorial series for free accounts!

The World Anvil as a Freeman Series

Freeman is the name we give to free accounts in World Anvil! So, in her World Anvil as a Freeman tutorials, Davina takes you on a journey through World Anvil using a free account. She will teach you how to use some features like the world homepage and the Heroes suite, and she plans on releasing more videos in the future! Check it out!

Check out the full playlist on YouTube!

Freemen accounts have all the features you need to start worldbuilding! This includes, for example, access to all article templates, maps, templates, RPG campaigns, and more! And as you’ll see in Davina’s tutorials, the tools you get for free are already quite powerful and will go a long way to improve your worldbuilding organization! So, go check our Davina’s Fangfinder world for an amazing example of what you can do with free features only!

Get worldbuilding from the start!

There’s no better way to learn something than using it! So make sure that while you’re watching the tutorial you’re also using World Anvil! You’ll learn faster —and you’ll be worldbuilding from the start! And when you’re done, keep at it! Because our goal here is to give you everything you need to be creative.

Speaking of creative, as a World Anvil user (no matter the account type) you get access to our amazing creative community too! So make sure to join our Discord server, where you’ll be able to share your work and get inspired by what others are doing. And being on our Discord means that you’ll always know what’s going on in World Anvil too!

Ready to start worldbuilding? Create your free World Anvil account and get writing! And if you like Davina’s tutorials, make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitch too!