Hear ye hear ye Anvilites!

The Inner Sanctum Voting for this Month is finished! (Members who are Worldsmith of the Inner Sanctum and above.) The Ingots system will be officially added to the Roadmap. Learn more about the Ingots system in the World Anvil Codex.

Inner Sanctum Results

In addition, this month’s Guild voting is finished with 150 votes in total! The next feature to be added to the queue is World/Article Exporting.

Guild Results

Thank you to everyone who took part. You are helping World Anvil become an awesome place bit by bit by exercising your voting privileges.

If you want to take part on the voting and help World Anvil grow, do consider joining the Worldbuilders Guild!

Finally, after releasing the most recent Materials template, this round of new templates is over. we would like to thank you all for your help, ideas and support! We really hope the new templates will help your creative juices to keep flowing!

Look out for OUR NEXT PROJECT: MAPS v.2.0!