Cthulhu fhtagn! The sheet is here! All praise the Old Ones! If you’re looking for a Call of Cthulhu character sheet or campaign manager, World Anvil has you covered! With our character sheet, created by the amazing Tillerz, you and your players will be able to uncover the deep mysteries of the Old Ones. These beautifully-designed character profiles go beyond stats and backgrounds to help you create a fully fleshed out horror RPG character, with advanced social gaming features so you and your fellow players can interact in and out of session!

How to set up the character sheet?

It’s really easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a new World Anvil account.
  2. Create a new character and choose “Call of Cthulhu” as the RPG system.
  3. After you’re redirected to the character’s profile, click on the Sheet tab and click the Choose your sheet button.
  4. Use the drop-down to select “Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet” and click the button.
  5. Fill in the sheet!
  6. Don’t forget to click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.

And that’s it! This is what a filled character sheet looks like:

Call of Cthulhu Character sheet

The sheet is also mobile-friendly! You can check out this sheet live here.


Call of Cthulhu character manager

We can all agree that a character is more than a set of numbers, right? Well, that’s why we designed the Call of Cthulhu character manager to be much more than that! Of course, it supports a character sheet that is fully integrated with the tools your Keeper will use. However, it also includes a set of features to help you bring your character to life between sessions. You’re able to post in-character updates, interact with the other characters, and more. And all of this is free-form roleplay, which means that you don’t have to wait for the Keeper to prepare for the next session! Build those character connections, and let madness reign.

Call of Cthulhu campaign manager

As a Keeper, you’re probably looking for a way to simplify everything you need to do behind the screen. World Anvil can help you with that! We have all the tools you need in a single place: from worldbuilding templates to write about anything you can imagine to features like family trees or bloodlines and interactive maps. And the best thing about all this? You can use the digital Keeper screen to access all of your information from a single place while you’re running your next session! If your players also have their Call of Cthulhu character sheets on World Anvil, you’ll be able to better integrate them into your campaign for the ultimate horror RPG campaign manager experience.

Ready to build your Call of Cthulhu character and Campaign? Create a free World Anvil account now to get started!

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