World Anvil lets you create multiple worlds, and some people have taken advantage of this possibility to create worlds that are related. With the world link feature, you can link them together! Use it to direct your readers towards your other worlds, or to link two related settings.

How to create a world link

Copy the world link from the create dashboard

Copying the world tag is quick and simple!

Linking two worlds is very easy. Simply go to the create dashboard of the world you want to link to and click on the world name. This will copy a BBCode tag in your clipboard —paste it anywhere to create a link!

The cool thing about this system is that the link will always work, even if the URL changes! So don’t be afraid to change the world name or the URL slug —the link will not be broken.

Linking systems and settings

A common way to use this tag is for worlds that are the setting for an RPG system. If the RPG system is stored in a separate World Anvil world, use the tag to link both worlds together. This way, your readers will be able to quickly reference the mechanics!

Toblin is using this tag to link the system and setting worlds together

CD10’s box with all of its officially supported settings. Check it out!

Toblin, creator of the Celenia D10 Role-playing system as well as a couple of settings for this system, is using this tag precisely for this purpose. The homepage of his system world has links to all the settings that officially use it. In turn, the settings link back to the CD10 system world.

Connecting your own worlds

Pekkola uses the world link tag to link to his other worlds

Pekkola‘s top navigation bar.

Some worldbuilders have multiple worlds on World Anvil. A good way to attract readers of one world to the others is by linking them in prominent places. Using advanced customization features, Dhelian has done exactly that for his world Pekkola! His top navigation bar has links to his other two worlds, Lethea and Golden Awakening.

This is a pretty straight-forward feature, but maybe you are using it in a different way! Let me know in the comments, I’ll be happy to read about your ideas.