Shopping for Christmas gifts for D&D players is hard. Everyone in my party is so different! It doesn’t help that many people I play with live overseas. But some things remain true for every D&D player, like more dice never being a bad gift! To save you all the suffering I’ve gone through this year, I’m here to tell you about my favourite Christmas gifts for D&D players!

Finding the perfect gifts for D&D players

Eldritch Foundry

Technology is always making gift giving easier! One of my favourite recent launches in the RPG world is Eldritch Foundry. Not only do they have a badass name but they let you create 3D printed miniatures. They’re incredibly easy to customise! You can change almost anything, from facial expression to jewellery.

All you have to do is jump onto their website to use the browser editor.

Eldritch Foundry is a perfect gift option for your party. Grab them all a miniature of their character. Or if you’re shopping for a DM, I’d personally order a mini of your favourite villain or NPC for them to use!

The Creature Codex

If you’re much like me, you leave it till the last minute to create the monsters for each session. Then panic about balancing them. Its rather like Christmas shopping, if you think about it. Huh!

Grab the Kobold Press Creature Codex this Christmas to save your DM that pain. The 424 page guide has tons of awesome new creatures to use in campaigns.

Kobold Press has been creating modules since 2006, so they’ve accumulated plenty of experience at balancing monsters. It allows you to just grab one of creatures and let it loose against your party. It would make a great gift for any DM (someone buy it for me please!)

Tabletop Loot

I said dice always make great gifts for D&D players. I stand by that! But where do you even start shopping?

I personally love Tabletop Loot! I’ve ordered all my dice there, and have loved them all. They make dice with glitter, for gods sake. How can you argue with that?

World Anvil Guild members also get a discount code at Tabletop Loot – so make sure you’re in our Discord to find that in the pinned messages!


I’ve been lusting over Caeora’s maps for a while. He’s both a talented artist, and has done official work for Critical Role!

Not only does he have an incredible Patreon but he’s written Blood Grotto , a stunning winter setting for DMs to run something in the colder months. You can grab it from his store!

Harps Corp

If you’re DM likes to roll in style, I suggest one of Harps Corp‘s incredible real wood dice towers! Harps Corp handcraft incredible accessories that make great gifts for D&D players of any sort.

We recently got a chance to get our hands on some of their accessories and unboxed them in a video! If you’re a European, you’re in even more luck – as Harps Corp is based in England. So look forward to saving on postage.

Creature Curation

Honestly, I could do all my Christmas shopping on the Creature Curation shop. Between their own beautiful campaign setting, card games, RPG modules, and the most adorable mimic pins, I’d never run out of options.

I particularly love their Cardography decks. They include a whole dungeon on printed cards you can rearrange as you like. Compatible with any RPG system, but particularly great as gifts for D&D players. You can use their guides to run a D&D session through the cards, or make your own.


After talking DungeonFog’s time saving awesomeness in another post, I barely have to explain how good a gift a DungeonFog subscription makes. You can create modular dungeon maps quickly. Export them, print them, use them in roll20 or upload them to World Anvil.

They look stunning as well! Plus, for a short period, you can grab a 3 month subscription at HALF PRICE! Just check out the Game Master’s Lootbox.

Campaign Coins

The true way to a DM’s heart is through treasure! Or is that leprechauns? In either case, Campaign Coins have you sorted. I’m personally obsessed with their Deven Rue pins.

They also stock handmade coins, tokens, and coin bags. Plus Meeples, adorable tokens for use with any game.

World Anvil

World Anvil is basically a must-have for DMs today! You’ll save time and never lose a note again. Why wouldn’t you want that?

World Anvil lets you create and explore your own world or campaign setting. From buildings to characters, you can bring it to life. Use worldbuilding templates to keep on track, and play your entire campaign from one platform!

Plus your players can create character profiles, and keep the immersion running in Heroes, the first social media for characters.

Even better – you can grab a World Anvil gift subscription for a friend (or ask for one for yourself!)


Cantrip Candles

World Anvil’s graphic designer TJ never stops raving about these candles. So I had to check them out. Cantrip Candles are designed to create atmosphere around the table. With scents like old books (my favourite) and Dungeon Depths.

Personally, I couldn’t keep myself from using them all the time! They smell so good. Thanks to being 100% soy they don’t set off any headaches for me either.

If you want a delicious gift for the D&D player in your life, make sure to consider these.