Are you building a campaign setting, an RPG system, or an adventure module? Well, you’re in luck, because in this post we’ll give you some RPG Patreon ideas to monetize this kind of content. Let’s get to it right away!

RPG Patreon idea: exclusive mechanics!

Celenia D10 is using these RPG Patreon ideas for their Grame master tier!

Celenia D10 is using this strategy for Patreon!

You know how the basic Dungeons and Dragons rules are free, but you’ve got to pay for the full rule set? Well, you can do a similar thing with your own RPG system! First, make sure that the basic rules are in a public article. Then, make the extra rules visible to subscribers only. For example, the Celenia D10 system has the full rule set only available to the Game master Patreon tier.

Of course, you can go farther than that and make the full system Patreon-only. This is especially interesting if you’re still playtesting the system or if you have other public content on World Anvil. Which brings us to the next section…

Building a Campaign Setting for your patrons

Maybe you’re just creating a world for an RPG system that already exists. We also have a couple of RPG Patreon ideas for you, if that’s the case! Campaign settings often have new mechanics too, such as new races and classes, or guilds and factions that change how you play the game. Well, making this content partially public is a great incentive for people to support your project and get access to the rest!

On the other hand, it’s very likely that you will have some GM-only content. Secret organizations, NPC backstories… you name it! Adding a Patreon tier dedicated to Game Masters is a great idea —both for you and for the GMs who don’t want their players to read spoilers!

Creating adventure modules for Patreon!

Adventure modules (or full campaigns) always have content designed for GM eyes only. Other than the obvious plot spoilers, there can also be maps with secret information, monster statblocks, and more! Instead of publishing the adventure somewhere else, you can do it on World Anvil and make it visible to Patreon supporters only. This will also make it difficult for players from reading spoilers, which is always a plus!

Supplementary content is also a great idea!

You don’t need to build your own system —not even your own setting or campaign! Just take preexisting material and add to it. Magic items, monsters, creatures, and more. For example, you could have your World Anvil page be public with a call to action for your readers to join your Patreon to get access to this content. Gamingbrew is using this strategy for his own World Anvil project —check out his spotlight post!

I need more RPG Patreon ideas!

We talked about mechanics, settings, and adventure modules, which are probably the most popular types of RPG content. But if you need more RPG Patreon ideas, join our Discord server! It’s a place full of nice people and amazing ideas!

If you aren’t an RPG content creator and need ideas, don’t worry! This is only the second post on a series of three —check out the third post, that one is for writers!! You can also check out the previous one, where we explained how to prepare your world for monetization using the Grandmaster Guild tier.

Are you an RPG content creator? Let me know how you’re using World Anvil to monetize your work in the comments!