Summarize your character sheets with the new badge block system!

Badge blocks is a new system, available for Grandmasters+, that will help you create small versions of your sheets! These can be used, for example, as a quick summary on the sidebar.  Badge blocks will also be automatically displayed on the sidebar of Journals for your Character sheets.

Summon your block’s badge variant by using the bbcode statement [block:ID|badge] as long as the Block has a badge version designed. Use them in any part of your articles, though the sidebar is one of the neatest places to put a badge block!

You can design the Badge variant from your Display Structure tab on the Block Template Creator. Refer to this handy detailed Guide to RPG Stat blocks where it explains more about Badge versions of a blocks and how to design one! This is already implemented for DnD5e, and will soon be for Genesys – RPG Designers Assemble!