Looking to run your next Fallout RPG game? Thanks to our amazing community member Tillerz, World Anvil now has all the tools you need to tame the Wasteland with your gaming group!

The Fallout character sheet

Setting up the character sheet is easy, just follow these steps!

  1. Create a new character and choose “Fallout RPG” as the RPG system.
  2. After you’re redirected to the character’s profile, click on the Sheet tab and click the Choose your sheet button.
  3. Use the drop-down to select “Character Sheet (Fallout RPG)” and click the button.
  4. Fill in the sheet!
  5. Don’t forget to click the Save changes button!

This is how your sheet will look like when you view it:

Fallout RPG character sheet

This has everything you need to run your character —including interactive dice buttons!

Fallout RPG campaign manager for game masters

Looking to run a Fallout RPG campaign? World Anvil has all the tools you need! Use the article templates to keep track of all the moving parts in your Fallout setting, and the interactive maps to plan the best strategy! Interactive features like family trees and random tables will also come in handy during any session. And of course, you only need to show your players what YOU want them to see! Which is a great way to share secrets with specific players too. And with our campaign manager, you’ll be able to not only plan, but also run sessions using our digital GM’s screen!

Fallout RPG character manager

A character sheet is important, but your character is more than that —and with World Anvil you can make them come alive! With our character manager, you can share status updates like in a social media platform, post about your accomplishments, write journals, and keep track of equipment! That’s an amazing way to keep roleplaying between sessions without your GM having to keep an eye on things. But make sure to ask your GM for the campaign’s invite link so you can fully integrate your character with the game!

Ready to build and run your Fallout RPG campaign on World Anvil? Create your Player or Game master account now!

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