World Anvil has released something exciting: Heroes – an interactive campaign toolset for Players, Game Masters and their audiences, perfect for any TTRPG system or genre. Heroes is the first of its kind – a community for fictional characters and a campaign manager for both players and GMs.

But what you want to know is how you can use it, right?

What Is Heroes?

Heroes is a complete social experience and campaign manager for Players and Game Masters, and fully integrates with World Anvil’s powerful homebrew platform.

Using Heroes, Game Masters can create for existing TTRPG systems and settings, or build completely new ones. Players and audiences can explore interactive maps, timelines of events and immerse themselves in lore, as well as breathing life into their characters.

Using Heroes as a Player

When you use Heroes as a Player, you get a bunch of useful features both in and out of game. Quick-edit character sheets will save you time, keeping track of everything from spells and NPCs to equipment and session notes! There’s also a dice roller and dice log, and your Game Master can send handouts – maps, images, and more – during play.

Then, after a session you can keep building your character and their relationships by posting character thoughts, quotes, achievements, and journals, as well as art and photos in a social media-style interface.

Heroes also has community features that allow players to join parties, share loot, fulfill quests, comment on profiles, and post privately or publicly. It’s an amazing way to capture your character’s unique voice and keep the game going!

Players can use Heroes to show off art, behind the scenes content, and share their characters thoughts. Keeping the RPG Campaign going between sessions.

Even after a campaign is complete, your character won’t be forgotten. Heroes lets you build an unforgettable character which will survive long after the last battle is over. You’ll have a timeline of your character’s achievements, so you can remember the highs and lows of your favorite campaigns. You can also move to new campaigns if you want to continue the story of a great character for another adventure!

Using Heroes as a Game Master

For Game Masters, World Anvil’s Heroes is the only tool you’ll need – covering all aspects of play from session prep and homebrew to in-game play. You can keep track of PCs and NPCs, create parties and manage their quests and equipment, and share whatever you want with your players or the audience during play for increased immersion – dice rolls, images and lore!

Heroes also makes it quick to prepare sessions, with encounter stat blocks, plot notes, sound tracks and maps. Quick search of the SRD stat blocks and your homebrew makes on-the-fly creation and improvisation a cinch.

The Heroes Campaign Manager includes an incredible suite of tools, like quick statblock search.

Using Heroes as the Audience

As an audience member, your favorite live play games can now keep you in the loop with the action. You can follow characters from your favourite shows, both in-game and between sessions, and comment on their thoughts, achievements and photos.

Game Masters can use the Audience Screen to show their audiences the state of play in real-time, as well as revealing images, maps, stat blocks and articles, for a fully immersive experience. In future updates, you’ll be able to submit fan-art of characters, and write in character’s guestbooks too!

I have questions, where should I go?

If you have questions about how to use World Anvil, check out:

The World Anvil Codex.

The #help channel on our Discord.

If you have a questions or issues regarding subscriptions, you can contact the World Anvil Founders, Dimitris and Janet, at

What should I do next?

We’re so VERY excited about Heroes and what you all are going to create with it! Add the URLs of your Heroes in the comments to share the love… and let the adventures begin!

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