Can you hear it? It’s the call for another community challenge! This time it’s about cartography, we want to hear about a geographic location in your world.

Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it.  – Terry Pratchett

This time WorldAnvil has joined forces with our friends Caeora and DungeonFog who will be judging the challenge. They have also added neat prizes to the prize pool.


Maps encourages boldness. They’re like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible.  – Mark Jenkins

-All participants will receive a badge and the winner’s badge will be extra shiny.Cartographer challenge badge

-There will also be a raffle for all Guild members, it’s doesn’t matter if you made it into the shortlist or not.

-The Premier and Regular league winner will get a DungeonFog membership and a copy of Caeora’s Blood Grotto setting.

-Caeora will also create two custom Project Deios region map assets for each winner, even the raffle winner.

-The Premier and Regular league winners will also be featured in the Worldbuilding Magazine.

-The Premier League winners will also be featured on the weekly update streams. (Saturdays, 7pm GMT | 11am PST)



Without geography, you are nowhere! – Jimmy Buffett

Cartography Challenge timeline From March the 7th to April 4th you should write your article. Between April 4th and April 11th you should share your article, ask for feedback and make small edits. Edits that won’t change the article too much. Also consider helping other people with their articles. During April 11th Barron will put together the shortlist and the guest judges will start judging the articles on the shortlist.



WorldAnvil, Caeora, and DungeonFog want to see a map of a region in your world and read about the geographical wonders that lie within.  – Barron, Master of Games.

Create a map on a paper or digitally, here are some posts on map-generating software, and upload the map to WorldAnvil. Embed it into a geography template and use the map pins and prompts to tell us about your region.


The challenge page on WorldAnvil

Maps are like campfires –  everyone gathers around them, because they allow people to understand complex issues at a glance, and find agreement about how to help the land. – Sonoma Ecology Center, GIS/IS Program Web Site

Our amazing Master of Games, Barron, has written down the briefs and rules on the challenge page which you can find here; The Call of Cartography  

Please read that page thoroughly, if there is something on the page that you think is vague, please contact Barron on our discord

Now grab your hammer and go worldbuild!