We’re very excited to announce the winners of Summer Camp 2023! Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated—building up your world is an amazing prize in itself!

This post has the list of the prize draw winners—if you won, read carefully to know what you need to do to claim your prize. If you have any questions, please email us at contact@worldanvil.com, but be sure to read everything first!

How to claim your prize

To claim your prize, fill out the Prize Claim form. Double-check that all details are correct—this includes your World Anvil username, email address, and full physical postal address! We will then send these details to the relevant shipping companies, who will send the prizes directly to you!

You must CLAIM YOUR PRIZE OR WE CAN’T SEND IT TO YOU! Just fill in the Prize Claim form (it takes 2 mins)!

Make sure to fill out the form before September 8th, or we won’t be able to get your prize to you!

Finding your name in the list

The list of Summer Camp 2023 Winners is pretty long, so follow these steps to quickly check if you’re in it!

  1. Open the “Find” function on your browser. That should be Ctrl+F on most systems, Command+F on Mac
  2. Search the page for your World Anvil Username.
  3. Check carefully—some people have won more than one prize!

The row with your username will also specify if it’s a physical prize—otherwise, all we need is your email address to arrange delivery!

FAQ: I won a prize but I don’t want it

Email us at contact@worldanvil.com with your World Anvil username and just let us know you don’t want your prize!

FAQ: What kinds of Prizes are there on the Summer Camp 2023 Prize Winners list?

There are a bunch of different kinds of awards you might have won!

The Summer Camp Community Prizes!
Our community votes for their favorites! This year’s categories were Most Helpful Camper, Most Improved, Most Inspiring World, and Human of the Match!

The World Anvil Winners Prize Draw
A random prize draw for Summer Camp winners! If you completed 32 (diamond), 24 (gold), 16 (silver) or 8 (copper) prompts during Summer Camp 2023, you might have won something! This year we’re raffling copies of the Deck of Worlds, Cantrip Candles, and Summer Camp udan mugs and hats!

Community-sponsored prompts
Additionally, several of our amazing community members came forward to sponsor a prompt of their own! If you won one of these prizes, we’ll email you with details.

FAQ: I won a prize on stream, how do I claim that?

For prizes raffled off on stream, please email us at contact@worldanvil.com stating:

  1. your Twitch username
  2. the prize you won (it’s detailed in this post)
  4. your mobile number (shipping companies often need this)

We will then send these details to the raffle sponsors, who will send the prizes directly to you!


Summer Camp 2023 Community Prize Winners

Prize Draw Winners

Username Prize
AmélieIS Deck of Worlds
EVTaurus Deck of Worlds
Serukis Deck of Worlds
Davina Deck of Worlds
TinkerTech Deck of Worlds
no-bees nova Deck of Worlds
Atomic Nexus Deck of Worlds
Laurabonus Deck of Worlds
smokingbat7906 Deck of Worlds
George Sanders Deck of Worlds
Toomanymagicitems 15oz Cantrip Candle
Wordigirl 15oz Cantrip Candle
The Big G 15oz Cantrip Candle
BasicDragon 15oz Cantrip Candle
auzins92 15oz Cantrip Candle
Maranothar World Anvil mug
RPGDinosaurBob World Anvil mug
Bonus Action World Anvil mug
themrbeasley World Anvil mug
Kveldulfr83 World Anvil mug
Ser_Richard World Anvil mug
JaeDMC World Anvil mug
Dylonishere123 World Anvil mug
Catoblepon World Anvil mug
AmazingChi World Anvil mug
Dazzlinkat World Anvil hat
ChroniclesofEvalaw World Anvil hat
ThatMomFriend World Anvil hat
Freja82 World Anvil hat
Eden Master World Anvil hat
Jack Boon World Anvil hat
rarestereocats World Anvil hat
Lysshae World Anvil hat
SyntaxShick World Anvil hat
Colm Docherty World Anvil hat

Remember to fill out the form before September 8th to claim your raffle or community prize!

Community-sponsored prompts

If you won any of these prizes, we’ll send you an email with instructions.

Username Sponsor Prize
Those2nerds (Mother of the Stars) Dimitris and Janet $500 USD cash prize
Nimsy (The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís) Jester% $50 gift card for HeroForge
Qurilion (Time) tlcassis 1 year Basic subscription to Midjourney AI
Dhelian (Human) WantedHero Any single Boundless Journal module ($12.99)
Stormbril (Shimmer Worms) WantedHero Any two Boundless Journal modules ($25.98)
Hanhula (Lingerlights) WantedHero Any three Boundless Journal modules ($38.97)
1337Spectra (Sar’ach) WantedHero Complete Boundless Journal and
Advanced Worldbuilding Guide ($60 USD)
Loyalair (Gievrian) thechangeling PDF versions of all 6 Possible Worlds RPG
CTEJedi (Operation Sledgehammer) SableAradia Amazon gift card of $30 USD or equivalent
EliKwake (The Rabbit’s Paw)
tlcassis (Child)
LeeStepp (Mother or Father)
Tillerz $50 gift card from a variety of online shops:
WA Shop, DogMight, The Speechless Bard,
Cantrip Candles, Hero Forge, Modiphius, DriveThruRPG,
Frog God Games, Paizo, and Kobold Press
AutumnKitsune (Ruins Log: The Rings) George Sanders $49 gift certificate/code for a writing or TTRPG course
Drackzahn (Gum Queen) themrbeasley A license for Foundry VTT
Jarhed (Fish Fest)
AP. (Worldwide Witch Convention)
Sh4d0wPh03n1x A World Anvil Goodie Bag
NimrodialLibrary (Chiraki Abyss) ChroniclesofEvalaw Fullbody character commission by artist Lujordis
Arger Growler (Locomotriam – “The Moving Country”) TinkerTech The Winner’s choice of a Scarf of Holding
(Infinity scarf with a secret pocket) or a Journal set.
Loyalair (Ioethea Rangers) denversg1 Any course from DND Skills or any $30 gift card
Jarhed (Skators) eccbooks A full set of paperback copies of The Stains of Time,
plus a custom illustration of the winning article
Rashkavar (Megaflorica) deleyna $70 coupon for one of the classes I teach
or $50 World Anvil gift card
TheDumbOwl (Anything) coffeecupkat Winners choice between Magical Kitties
and No Thank You Evil
DreamCartographer (Wing) Wordigirl $50 credit towards anything in my Ko-Fi shop
Moonlight Bard (Satyan Windblown) Wordigirl $25 credit towards anything in my Ko-Fi shop
Escritora Novata (Laura)
harldawg (al-Adin)
lil_pinecone (The Eternal Tourist)
The Big G (Long Steps)
Mardrena (Miz Paufan)
barriesaxxy (Laura Pfieffer)
Colonel 101 (The Unseen Wanderer)
MelissaPlaysRPGs (Rastus, The Explorer)
Wordigirl $10 credit towards anything in my Ko-Fi shop
Jester% (Asone Kemal)
WantedHero (Glimmerwick)
Anna Omis (Anna Omis)
Wordigirl $5 credit towards anything in my Ko-Fi shop
TheDumbOwl (The Rowund Bredd) kitoypoy $50 Gift Certificate to MCDM Productions Shop
Anna Omis (Orange Terrace Condominium) DaniAdventures Narata Storytelling Deck!
Hanhula (Alysia’s Farewell) EmilyArmstrong Brand/Marketing Assessment & Recommendations
OR WorldAnvil CSS Refresh for Winning World
BRICKOSAUR (Prayer to a Moss-Covered Goddess) illumiinae Two $50 giftcards to the winner’s choice of:
the WA shop, DriveThruRPG, or Kawaii Pen Shop
AmélieIS (The Royal Protector’s pearls) Bonus Action Digital illustration of the item
AsterVela (Oseka) BasicDragon 6 months Master WA subscription (something else
if the winner already has a subscription)
Stormbril (Old King Caed) strixxline Custom illustration for the world of the winning article
EmilyArmstrong (Whale Watchers) Travakh A Lapham’s Quarterly Box Set of the winner’s choice ($100).
kitoypoy (Baku and the Bad Shatter) usurperkings The full digital catalog (15 books & magazine issues)
from Vraeyda Literary & House of Hallowes. ($120 value)
Stormbril (Days of Creation)
tarkinlarson (Legend of Farsqueak)
BasicDragon (Run Run Run)
usurperkings Winner’s choice of 2 ebooks from Vraeyda Media
eccbooks (Wild Lawyers)
Hanhula (Leavenisiae Bap)
Mochimanoban $50 World Anvil Gift Card and an art piece
based on the winning article.
eccbooks (The Restless) KajetanWrites $30 Amazon gift card (or equivalent) and
a piece of flash fiction inspired by the winning article
Hanhula (Seabirth) Secondhand Summer Camp towel
EBelt (Frozen Rains) It’s Moro! 12 Months Master Guild Pass
BRICKOSAUR (Snailboats) Timepool A full-color illustration of the winning article!
FibroJedi (Mishōndii Couriers and Collars) Kwyn Marie Grandmaster Membership
AutumnKitsune (The Language of Bouquets) Ondo Winner’s choice between Deck of Worlds
or Story Engine Deck
AmélieIS (The Dark Lord’s Evil Army) Barron 50 Dollar World Anvil Giftcard
Mezzopatricia (Paperdrake) barriesaxxy World Anvil shirt of the winner’s choice,
a 15oz. World Anvil mug, and a “from scratch”
inspired by the winning article
Tillerz (Shurosh) drunkenpanda951 Hero Forge/Kobold Press/Norse Foundry gift
certificate for $50, and one painted mini of an
NPC from my world
eccbooks (Oscar Diggs)
Stormbril (Dr. Anabelle Evingston)
Kishimpl (Carl the Unpaid)
drunkenpanda951 Painted mini
Krayvuk (The First Global Broadcast of the CCS ft. Dusty Runeshine) Moonlight Bard Azul Base Game + Crystal Mosaic Expansion
NathaliaBooks1993 (Ministry of News and Intelligence)
Furyou Miko (The Aviary)
Michael Chandra $50 giftcard of winner’s choice of the World Anvil Shop,
DogMight, HeroForge, Modiphius, DriveThruRPG,
FrogGodGames, or TheSpeechlessBard
Killer_Korax (Kyne Destrdge Archmage of the Ordo Malignorum Magicarum) Conquest Publishing A drawn character
Kwyn Marie (The Butterfly Sylfaone)
It’s Moro! (Gib the Sea Goblin)
eccbooks (Rumapa Stiltskín)
Hanhula (Amara)
Strixxline (Kein Lofano)
Pete Nelson (Rileni Elriess Shuruziat)
EmilyArmstrong (Agarick)
kitoypoy (Mr. Shadow)
Tillerz (Hesli)
Conquest Publishing A custom sketch
Hanhula (Censoring Ophthalmia) Bandit_Banzai Stars of Auriga (Space Dice 7-piece zinc-alloy set)
by Norse Foundry ($40 USD)
eccbooks (Tenebris) Moonlight Bard Official 2023 exclusive GenCon Dice Set in
collectible tin from Crystal Caste, the 2023
GenCon lanyard from Rollacrit, Yummy Yummy
Pancake (boardgame, Mayday Games) with promo
packs, and a World Anvil “Udan Pencil Warrior” sticker
The Big G (Trees Become Women) deleyna $70 coupon for one of the classes I teach or
$50 World Anvil gift card

Remember to fill out the form before September 8th to claim your community-sponsored prize!

Congratulations to all the Summer Camp 2023 winners, and thank you to everyone who participated! It was an amazing challenge thanks to you! And if you’re starting to feel like you need another big challenge, don’t worry—WorldEmber is just around the corner!