Beloved worldbuilders, writers, gamers, and nerds – we invite YOU to our spooktacular World Anvil MEGASTREAM party!

Join us on 31st October 2020 at 12:00 PT • 15:00 ET • 19:00 GMT over on our Twitch or YouTube channel, where we will be celebrating World Anvil’s 3rd Birthday, showcasing the amazing talent of our community and announcing the winners in the Summer Camp awards ceremony, launching into NaNoWriMo, PLUS lots of bonus prizes, raffles, cake, and Halloween dress up (details below)!

Summer Camp Awards Ceremony


We will be announcing the winners of our July flagship challenge, Summer Camp, and showing off some incredible talent from our community!

We asked you for video feedback on how the competition went this year and what you thought of the prompts – we’ll be sharing the Voice of the People clips on stream so we can reminisce about the good times and learn from the obstacles we overcame!

We’ll also share the juicy stats from the competition! How many people do you think managed to complete all of the prompts?

World Anvil’s 3rd Birthday

Can you believe it, World Anvil will be THREE YEARS OLD?! Officially our birthday is on the 25th of October (since 2017), but the stars aligned for this opportunity for an epic megastream so we’re celebrating during this ultra party on Halloween instead!

We’ll be reflecting back on how far we’ve come, how our community has grown, and we’ll be talking about the road ahead and the exciting future of World Anvil!

See that birthday badge? Yeah that shiny one with CAKE! If you want one of those on your profile, complete the Google Form that we’ll be sending out during the livestream!

NaNoWriMo Launch

The end of October brings on a new month! November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where writers both new and experienced take on the challenge of writing a 50,000 word novel during the month of November!

We’ll be launching with style and giving you some top tips for your novel, along with details of our writing springs and community streams to keep you motivated!

Check out more info on the official event page here:

Spookiful People

It wouldn’t be a proper celebration stream without dressing up for the occasion! Beautiful People is BACK, but most of you have already claimed that badge and after all it is Halloween.

We want to see your spooky costumes! If you want this sleek badge on your profile, join the World Anvil Discord server and hop into the #spookiful-people channel (it will open for submissions closer to the stream date), read the pinned message and instructions carefully, and share your epic outfit! There might be a prize for our favourite costumes!


Save the date & turn on those notifications!

31st October 2020
12:00 PT • 15:00 ET • 19:00 GMT
on our Twitch or YouTube channel