Looking for some worldbuilding inspiration? Well, Spooktober 2022 is over, so it’s a great time to look at some inspiring worldbuilding from our community! Let’s take a look at my favorite entries from Spooktober.

What was Spooktober 2022?

Spooktober 2022 ran in October—we challenged you to write, worldbuild, or create art around 31 spooky prompts! These were the prompts:

Spooktober 2022 prompts

You can read more about Spooktober in its challenge page!

My favorite entries

There were over 150 entries, and over 100 people answered at least 13 prompts to get the Spooktober badge! There were also 90 people who answered the prompt “Drown”, many of them drowning a Verti (an old tradition to drown a member of our community), so they got a special badge too! Next, you can see my five favorite entries to Spooktober—they are pure creativity!

“No Trick No Treat” by Escritora Novata

Spooktober 2022 entry from Escritora Novata

Spooktober 2022 entry from Escritora Novata

When you first open that article you’re presented with a choose-your-own-adventure story: a short introduction and three choices. No Trick No Treat uses the Spooktober prompts to create an interactive story, and it even uses virtual dice rolls for random events! My favorite thing is that because each event opens in a different page, you never know how close you are to the ending—and this makes it even more spooky! Check out No Trick No Treat on World Anvil.

“Emote Season” by Strixxline

Spooktober emotes from Strixxline

Spooktober emotes from Strixxline

I expected many things from Spooktober, but emotes weren’t one of them! Strixxline’s emotes were one of the highlights in the community during Spooktober, and with good reason. They might not be spooky, but they follow the prompts and, most importantly, are super cute! Look at that unquiet zombie dancing! The emote list was also finished with a pair of emotes based on Janet and Dimitris, which is always lovely to see. Check out Strixxline’s emotes on World Anvil!

“Shadows at the Door” by RandoScorpio

RandoScorpio wrote a single story that included Spooktober prompts

RandoScorpio wrote a single story that included Spooktober prompts

Rather than writing or drawing a different thing for each prompt, RandoScorpio wrote a single story that included all of them! They also wrote individual articles for each prompt (or groups of prompts) to explain how they come into play in the story. Talk about being a completionist! The story is really good and properly spooky too—with AI-generated art to get you in the mood. Check out Shadows at the Door on World Anvil!

“Comprilith Adventure Log” by Stormbril

Stormbril's Spooktober journal

Stormbril’s Spooktober journal

Stormbril also picked some prompts and created a single article—but with a slightly different approach! He wrote the entries in the journal of an adventurer in his world, and each day is a different prompt. Everything is in first person, so it’s not only a very engaging short story, it’s also an extremely evocative and inspiring piece of worldbuilding. Check out the Comprilith Adventure Log on World Anvil!

Spooktober articles from TJTrewin

TJ's spooktober entries

TJ’s spooktober entries

TJ’s approach to Spooktober was more by-the-rules than the rest of examples in this list, but the layout of his entry is very satisfying, and his worldbuilding is top-notch! You’ll find all sorts of articles based on the prompts, and tons of inspiring art to draw you into the world. Check out TJ’s Spooktober entries on World Anvil!

Which was your favorite prompt? Let me know in the comments—and start preparing for WorldEmber if you haven’t already!

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