Personal Progress Page for WORLDEMBER!

Curious about your overall progress for World Ember? Looking for an easy way to see your word count per article? Now you have your very own progress page for World Ember! To make things easier, the World Ember widget on your dashboard now links to your Progress Profile. You can also navigate to this page using this url in your browser!<Your World Anvil username here>


Usernames on the Worldember competition page also links to their Progress Profiles, not User Profiles! Check out how many articles you and your competitors have written, find inspiration, and share the love!

WORLDEMBER Template Rank Tables Are Now Live!

Got your eyes on a prize? Well you know what…SO MANY CATEGORIES ARE OPEN! Start getting tactical! Some categories, such as Materials, has 0 entries! The number of likes you have on the special categories is only relevant for your entry to be judged. As long as your name appears on a list below (they show the top 10) by the end of WorldEmber, you have a chance to be win!