Greetings citizens of the belt! We bring news from Earth: we’ve created a new The Expanse RPG character sheet! And the best part is that it’s fully integrated with The Expanse RPG campaign manager on World Anvil!

How to set up the character sheets

We have both The Expanse RPG character sheets and spaceship sheets for the game. This means that you can run your campaigns in this amazing setting and your players can have sheets for both their characters and spaceships!

  1. Create a new World Anvil account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Create a new character and choose “Expanse RPG” as the RPG system.
  3. After you’re redirected to the character’s profile, click on the Sheet tab and click the Choose your sheet button.
  4. Use the drop-down to select “The Expanse Character Sheet” and click the button.
  5. Fill in the sheet!
  6. Don’t forget to click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.

Both sheets are interactive with the ability to roll their stats and mobile-friendly so they can use them on a phone or a tablet if you are around the table. Even if your game master is not using World Anvil you can still use the Heroes system to create your character and record their exploits and journal their adventures for free (completely).

Check out the Interactive sheet example  Check out the spaceship sheet example

The Expanse RPG Character Sheet

This is what your character sheet will look like! Thanks to the amazing Tillerz for designing and building the sheet!

The Expanse RPG Character Manager

As a player, you don’t just get access to a character sheet and a spaceship sheet—there’s a whole suite of tools to make sure you have the best Expanse RPG experience! On top of the interactive dice on the sheet (so you can play on the go!), you get an experience very similar to what a social media platform is like—but from your character’s point of view. Share your accomplishment, interact with the other characters in your party, and write journal entries to share what your character thinks about the last session. Characters are far more than their sheets, so the Expanse RPG Character Manager lets you make them come to life without having to wait for the GM to prep a session.

And of course, the character manager is fully integrated with the GM’s campaign manager. To join a campaign, just ask your GM for the invite link and follow it to get started!

The Expanse RPG Campaign Manager

If you’re the Game Master, World Anvil gives you all the tools you need to run an amazing The Expanse RPG campaign! Start by creating your setting, such as the NPCs, organizations, and important locations, using our worldbuilding templates. Then, connect them using diplomacy webs to keep track of the complex political intrigues, family trees for your characters, and interactive maps so your players can explore the universe! Once everything’s ready, open our digital storyteller screen to have everything you need while running a session at your fingertips! Write down session notes, see your players’ sheets, and quickly search through your world’s articles.

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