Are you ready to turn up the heat?

World Anvil Summer Camp 2018

A new event is on its way, and we want to see you be prepared! If you are not aware already, this summer World Anvil will be hosting an exciting Summer Camp 30 day challenge, a whole month filled with world building activity and adventure! We challenge those willing to take the plunge to write an article every day related to a new daily prompt, and at the end earn some shiny badges in their profile along with 30 new articles to fill your world.

Does this seem daunting? Impossible even? We say nay!

Getting ready!

We want to help you and encourage you that accomplishing this feat is possible! Here is a collection of resources to help you get started into the swing of things on the World Anvil site:

I'm ready.


So now that you have an idea how to use the tools, are your creative juices overflowing? Are your ideas jumping out in droves? Or maybe you need some help getting into a world building mindset. Sometimes it helps looking back at some of your favorite content that inspired you in the first place, and invigorating when you find new ones! Check out some of the following links we suggest to find sparks of inspiration.

So much inspire


So you have the tools and you have some inspiration. What else can help you in this month long endeavor? Maybe you’d like some tips on focusing to write around huge concepts? We have some resources to help you organize and structure your ideas so you can stay on top of writing your articles every day! These resources cover a range of topics that may help you in your quest to take on the heat of the world building forge!

write write write

We hope these tools will help prepare you and hype you for the upcoming challenge. If you want even more resources, we have a whole collection here gathered and compiled from the World Anvil community. We are looking forward to seeing your great work! So grab your hammer, and get ready to worldbuild!