From an obscure murder in a small hamlet outside of Meresburg to a grand scheme that spans the entirety of the Commonwealth, “Corruption is Daelus” is a 4-module series that takes your party of adventurers across the neo-arcane landscape of Eryphir on a wild chase to bring justice to those responsible for these nefarious deeds.

The Commonwealth has kept itself quite busy in the years since the end of the war. Through the industrial revolution of magic, to the rebuilding of cities, there has been no lack of work for the people of Eryphir. That includes, in most recent years, the colonization of the long lost continent of Daelus.

Our adventurers find themselves in the great colonial town of Meresburg – perhaps seeking fame and fortune, or maybe on assignment. When word reaches the adventurers of a murder in a small, remote hamlet, they are tasked with uncovering the truth behind the unusual event. Their investigation leads them down a desperate road of horror and sorrow as they chase the culprit across the colonies, attempting to bring them to justice.

Eryphir is described as a “neo-arcane” setting where science, ingenuity, and engineering have taken magic beyond the individual practitioner and transformed it into something of an industrial revolution of magic for a place we call The Commonwealth.

The guys at Wizards of the Couch have created a 4 part adventure module and 8 amazing characters that you can grab off the shelf and start playing. This amazing adventure is made to be played quickly and easily at a convention or with your friends around the table and it is a great way to introduce new people in the hobby!


Working with World Anvil

Wizards of the couch is partnering up and working with World Anvil to present an entirely interactive adventure storyline. From embedded sounds to interactive maps, and interactive character sheets the 4 modules of the “Corruption in Daelus” series will keep you and your players engaged for hours and hours of gameplay!

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