Today something fascinating popped up in my Inbox and I HAD to share the moment I saw it…


Paizo Inc. – the minds behind Pathfinder and Starfinder – have teamed up with Amazon to bring the award-winning Starfinder RPG to Alexa!

What the actual…?

Apparently, Alexa will transport you to an action-packed science-fantasy experience. guiding you through an interactive adventure! The whole Alexa-Starfinder experience apparently has the highest possible production quality, with professional voice actors, exciting sound effects, music, and multiple different story paths based on their in-game decisions!

“We are excited to partner with Amazon to bring the weird and wonderful world of Starfinder to fans through this innovative technology,” Hamon said. “The stars aligned and we think players new and old will love it.”


So what can you play?

The premiere of the Alexa-Starfinder RPG solo adventure, “Starfinder: Scoundrels in the Spike,” takes a player’s Starfinder hero deep into the lowest levels of Absalom Station, where someone—or something—is wreaking havoc. Sounds…. intriguing! Players of all skill levels can join in on the fun and experience how their spoken choices propel the adventure forward. From the sounds of it, it’ll be a kind of verbal lone wolf style adventure book. I’m very curious to see how rich and deep it is, as that’s always been my favourite thing about Paizo, and especially the Starfinder RPG. I can’t wait to see how the Starfinder RPG meets Alexa experiment goes!

Starfinder RPG meets Alexa

Starfinder RPG meets Alexa!

So when is this coming?

The free pilot episode will be available exclusively to Alexa users on THIS COMING MONDAY – that’s December 16th 2019, for all you folks reading this from the future!

Wanna know the BEST news?


Starfinder Character sheet World Anvil

Guess what?! The Starfinder Character Sheet is already on World Anvil!

Oh, yeah! We ALREADY HAVE THE STARFINDER CHARACTER SHEET ON WORLD ANVIL! So if you get hooked, head to World Anvil to manage your characters and run your campaigns! Have a friend who’s a Starfinder fanatic? Learn how to pick them up a swish membership right here!

What’s the Big Plan from Paizo?

It looks like, with the family success of D&D, Paizo are hoping that Starfinder meets Alexa will help them attract new audiences! I guess they’re also going for that family appeal. They say:

After players enable the Starfinder skill on Alexa, they can launch their science fantasy tabletop adventures and create futuristic heroes and action-packed campaigns with the Starfinder Beginner Box!

Sounds like they’re hoping it’ll drive sales! If you haven’t played Starfinder yet, definitely check it out! To learn more go to and



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