Last month we had our biggest event yet—Worldbuilding Con! It was a goldmine of worldbuilding advice and inspiration, and it was awesome to see you all come together for it. But it’s April now, so it’s time to look at what’s going on this month!

⚙️ New and upgraded features

Here’s what’s new this month in the dev space!

  • Timeline updates: there were several shiny upgrades made to timelines and historical events.
    • Historical events now appear chronologically in the sidebar of the articles linked to them. The date of the event is displayed next to them.
    • You can now notify your world followers of updates in your timelines.
    • You can now like timelines made by other users.
  • 📷 Image updates: several improvements were made to the image pages as well.
    • You can now like and comments on images.
    • Some minor updates to the Image Presentation UI (the page that opens when you click on an image).
  • 🎲 RPG systems: we have a bunch of new supported character sheets!
    • Fantasy Age RPG (by Green Ronin Publishing): character sheet. Check out an example!
    • Numenera, Cypher System, and The Strange: monster statblocks. Check out an example!
    • Blood and Doom: character sheet and player-facing stat block. Check out an example!
    • Credit for all of these sheets goes to Tillerz. Numenera, Cypher, and The Strange blocks made in collaboration with Laria.
  • 👔 Organization template: there’s a new field for the Founders, which links to character articles.
  • 🗺️ Maps: the sidebar will now display the map’s description rather than the world description.
  • ✏️ Editing bar: you will now see an edit button at the top when viewing timelines, historical entries, and images in your world.

🇺🇸 US West Coast Meet-Ups!

US community meetup badge

Dimitris and Janet will visit the West Coast this month! Here are the dates:

The events are completely free, but get your tickets on EventBrite so we know how many people to expect! There will be a badge AND special giveaways for everyone who comes to the meetup.

🗓️ Upcoming and ongoing events

Here are all challenges and events that are happening in April!

  • 🏆 Adventure April: this month, we challenge you to write a one-shot or short TTRPG adventure (or a choose your own path story)! Our favorites will be featured here in the blog and will be played live in Play May, next month! Check out the challenge page for more details.
  • 🇺🇸 US West Coast Meet-ups: Janet and Dimitris are going to the US and want to meet you! Read the next section for more details.
  • 🎓 No Sage Seminar: if you’re a Sage of the Guild, note that there won’t be a Sage Seminar this month—but if you’re in the West Coast, you can come meet us. Sage Seminars will be back next month!

And here’s the event schedule for the next three months:

Community Event schedule April 23

🌟 Community highlight

Archivist’s Introduction, by 1337Spectra, is one of the best world introductions I’ve seen lately. The worldbuilding is great, and it’s written in first person, so you really feel like someone’s showing your the world! Plus, it’s full of clickable and interactive things, and gorgeous theming. Check out Archivist’s Introduction on World Anvil!

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