It’s April! Or as we call it here on World Anvil, Adventure April! Here’s everything to know about what going on in World Anvil this month.

Dev updates this month

🎨 Colors for everyone!

Changing text color used to be a Guild feature—not anymore! You can now use the [color] tag to change the text color AND background for specific sections of your article!

For more information about this, check this quick how-to.

🔠 Alphabetical ordering

The “Order A-Z” button in a category will now simply reset the article order (the default order is alphabetical) instead of creating a custom alphabetical order. This means that new articles added to the category will automatically be ordered alphabetically. This was added thanks to user Vguadagno after this feature request.

Check out the Changelog page on World Anvil for the full changelog.

Upcoming events in April

🗓️ Adventure April

Stand by for our April events!

  • ⛰️ Adventure April: from March 30th to April 30th, design an RPG one-shot or write a short story with a theme of adventure! Click here for more.
  • 🏆 Worldbuilding Awards: the first voting round ends on April 3rd, and the second voting round will start on April 13th! Check the event page for details.
  • ✨ Community Day: every third Saturday of the month (this month it’s the 17th) is World Anvil Community Day! You can expect…
    • 🙌 Community stream (6pm UK/10am Pacific): join us in this Adventure April-themed community stream, where we chat about turning games, adventures, and actual plays into stories with the magic of editing!
    • 🎓 Sage Seminar: Google Analytics (5pm UK/9am Pacific): learn how to best use analytics in your world to optimize your content for both your readers and search engines. Find the link in the Professional Portal.
    • ☕ Inner Sanctum Coffee: if you’re a member of the Inner Sanctum, keep your eyes peeled for this month’s Coffee details on Discord!

Event schedule for April, May, and June

Community Highlight

🌟 Community highlight

This month we’re not featuring a worldbuilding article… instead, here’s an interactive trinket hunt game by Stormbril! And you get to explore Cathedris, one of the best worlds on World Anvil, while you look for hints too. Check out the Trinket Chest!

Trinket Chest by Stormbril

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