It’s November… and the WorldEmber season is here! It’s time to switch gears from spooky worldbuilding to the largest event of the year—let’s look at what’s coming this month!

⚙️ New and upgraded features

Here’s what’s new this month in the dev space!

  • 💬 Community stream updates: We have several updates to the global community stream!
    • You can now attach images to your posts (Grandmasters and above only)
    • If you use a hashtag, you’ll be able to click on it to see all posts that use it too. Learn more about hashtags here!
    • Design improvements for quality of life.
  • 🎲 New statblocks:
    • Cyberpunk 2020 character sheet (see example)
    • The character sheet and statblocks for Tales of the Valiant have been updated.
  • 🗺️ New map pins: we have new map pins for Pyramid, Statue, Ancient Column, and Grass available to all Guild members.
  • 📱 Mobile improvements for players: the Player sidebar that appears while browsing the campaign world has been tweaked to make it more mobile-friendly.
  • © Creative Commons icons tweaks: due to changes in how Creative Commons handles their images, the style used for CC license icons has changed. If you use them, double-check your world to ensure it still looks ok!

🗓️ Upcoming and ongoing events

Stand by for our November events!

  • 🔥 WorldEmber Prep Challenge: WorldEmber is the largest worldbuilding event of the year, and it will take place in December. During November, we encourage you to prep your world and yourself for the challenge! Find out more about WorldEmber Prep after November 3rd!
  • ✨ Community Day: every third Saturday of the month (this month it’s the 18th) is World Anvil Community Day! You can expect…
    • 🙌 Chapter Chat (6pm UK/10am Pacific): We’ll have a chat with Sh4d0wPh03n1x, member of the Travelling Without Moving chapter, to talk about crossing the finishing line in your creative projects!
    • 🎓 Sage Seminar (5pm UK/9am Pacific): In this month’s Sage Seminar, DaniAdventures will tell us all about increasing your productivity as a creative! Find the link in the Professional Portal.
    • ☕ Inner Sanctum Coffee: There is no Inner Sanctum Coffee this month. Expect the next one in December! In the meantime, keep up with the conversation on our Discord server.

3-month schedule November

🌟 Community highlight

If you want an example of horror worldbuilding, you can’t go wrong with the Plague of Dreams by Qurilion—a horrifying conflict spawned from nightmares (literally) that almost destroyed an entire city. And while the city eventually won… the nightmares could come back at any moment. It won the Worldbuilding Awards in the Strength & Honor category, so go check out the article!

Plague Of Dreams by Qurilion

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