What’s trending in the World Anvil Community this week? Well, now you can find out, with Trending Hashtag Pages! These pages are designed to help you quickly find topics our world-building community is posting about – so you can find more inspirational worldbuilding from our community!

Here’s an example of the trending hashtag page for #Spooktober (our spooky-themed October worldbuilding challenge!)

How to post to World Anvil’s Trending Hashtag Pages?

  • First, find your author profile. Click your circular portrait picture at the top right of World Anvil’s interface, then click “View Profile” to get there
  • On the left side of your profile (under latest work), write a message from the community, including the Hashtags you want to use! Guild members can add an image ID (number only) to display an image too! If you want a write more than just a quick title, click “write a journal entry”
  • Click “post this globally”. Note that this will cost 500 gold coins (the ones you get from logging in if you’re a Guild Member!)
  • Now click on the hashtag to see the Trending Hashtag Page
An example of a post that would show up on Trending Hashtag Pages on World Anvil

Here’s how the post creation panel looks. Click “Make it a journal entry” for a longer post!

Need to edit your post? Click the little # to the right of your title, and you’ll find an edit interface.

How can you use the Trending Hashtag Pages?

Trending Hashtags are a great way to see what the community is talking about! They’re also an ideal way to create feeds of information that like-minded people will love – micro-communities focussed around specific Events, Genres, RPG systems, or anything else you can imagine. This will help more people find your work!

That’s just a few ideas for how you could use the feature. Here’s a whole list!

  • Flag your work, progress, and takes on Events and Challenges:
    • #Spooktober
    • #WorldEmberPrep
    • #NaNoWriMo
    • #WorldEmber
    • #TuesdayFiction
  • Tag your world’s genre to find like-minded people:
    • #Fantasy
    • #Scifi
    • #Steampunk
    • #Cyberpunk
    • #DarkFantasy
  • Add your content type to find people who are looking for that kind of content:
    • #Shortstory
    • #Oneshot
    • #Encounter
    • #Serialfiction
    • #CYOA (Choose your own Path adventures)
    • #ΝPC
    • #Map
    • #Species
    • #Settlement
    • #PlayableRace
  • Tag your RPG system to share your amazing RPG content with others:
    • #DnD5e
    • #Pathfinder2e
    • #TOV
    • #Starfinder
    • #GURPS
    • #Ethnis
  • Share your best #WorldAnvilTips with the community!
  • Create a showcase of updates for your chapter, DnD game, or novel, by using your own unique tag. (Here’s an example from Stormbril – #StormWatch)

Have more ideas of ways to use this feature? Let me know in the comments below! <3

Pssst! Missed last week’s Competitor Mode feature drop? If want to participate or compete in Challenges, make sure you take a look!