Last year it was #Dungeon23, and this year, the runaway creative challenge is #Galaxy24. But what is it, how does it help, and how can you take part?

What is #Galaxy24?

#Galaxy24 is a creative challenge pitched to worldbuilders and the creative community at large by Chris McDowall of Bastionland Press (@bastionland). The TLDR is to make a Galaxy of 52 stars in a Year, by following simple formula of:

  • create a star every Monday
  • make other points of interest or planets on Tuesday-Friday
  • add extra hooks and adventures on Saturday and Sunday

Here’s the original pitch:

Like its predecessor last year #Dungeon23 (Kicked off by Mothership RPG creator Sean McCoy), #Galaxy24 is about forming a daily habit of creating or curating in as easy a way as possible with almost zero overhead. Whereas #Dungeon23 planned a dungeon room by room, #Galaxy24 is going to detail a star system and its planets and points of interest for a full calendar year of sci-fi worldbuilding.

How can I use World Anvil for Galaxy 24?

If you’re already using World Anvil, here are some ways to build out your Galaxy 24 world, and share the love with others in the community!

  • Either use an existing world or start a new one… because you can never have too many worlds 🙂
  • Create a simple interactive star map (like this one) to keep you inspired. Just choose a star each week and create a pin for it!
  • Create a showcase of each week’s work with tagged lists, or by embedding article blocks into a collection article
  • Share on WA global feed posts using #Galaxy24
  • Come chat on our Discord Forum! We’d have a dedicated spot for the #Galaxy24 challenge!

Which Tabletop RPGs Work for #Galaxy24?

If you’re an RPG gamemaster, this is an amazing way for you to build out the setting for sci fi ttrpgs! This particular challenge would work exceptionally well for games like Starfinder, Traveller, Stars Without Number, Coriolis, but any game that prioritizes exploration would be a good fit for this challenge.

Will you be participating in #Galaxy24? What are your creative New Year’s resolutions?