The Summer Camp Community Vote is READY! WHOOP WHOOP! But what is it? How do you take part? And who should you vote for?!

What is the Summer Camp Community Vote?

Well, it’s new – so even if you’ve done Summer Camp before you might never have heard of it! This year, we’ve introduced the Summer Camp Community Vote so that we can give EVEN MORE power to the community – that’s you guys! We also want to encourage community spirit and help you guys give accolades to each other!

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITES HERE or keep reading to learn more.

What am I voting for?

The three categories of the vote are:

  1. Most helpful Camper! 
    Which Camper was the most helpful to others, and supported other people the best?
  2. Most Improved Camper!
    Which Summer Camper showed the most improvement in their worldbuilding, in your opinion?
  3. Most Inspiring World during Summer Camp 2020!
    Summer Camp is a great time for getting inspired by other people’s worlds! Which world inspired you the most during Summer cAmp 2020

There’s also a section where you can add any feedback you’d like to give us about Summer Camp, so we can make next year even better!

Who can I vote for?

Well, you CAN’T vote for yourself! That wouldn’t be very community-spirited, after all…

…but you can vote for anyone else in the World Anvil community that you feel deserves the title! Make sure you vote for a DIFFERENT person for each award – it’s nice to spread things around! And please try to get the World Anvil usernames as accurate as you can! That’ll make it easier and faster for us to collect the results! 🙂

How long have I got to cast my Summer Camp Community Vote?

The Summer Camp Community Vote will close on 29th October at 23:59pm GMT (also know as WORLD ANVIL TIME!). We’ll be announcing the winners in our EPIC MEGA-STREAM!

Wait? What’s the World Anvil Mega Stream?

Well, on Saturday 31st October we go live with a MASSIVE STREAM! That’ll be happening at 7pm UK time, 11am Pacific time, 2pm Eastern time and some ungodly hour in Australia and Asia – guys, I’m so sorry! So what are we celebrating?

  • It’s our 3rd Birthday celebration!
  • It’s the announcement of ALL the Summer Camp winners – including the Community Vote, the Special Inner Sanctum prompt prizes and the random Prize Draw! So we’ll be giving away thousands of dollars on stream!
  • All the Summer Camp Voice of the People videos will be aired!
  • The Alliance Challenge Community Competition winners will ALSO be announced
  • It’s NaNoWriMo Eve – the night before the National Novel Writing month challenge starts
  • It’s Halloween! And we’ll be running a special spooky dress-up competition on the Discord!
  • We’ll be doing raffles, we’ll have special guests, a special version of our drinking game, and more!

Basically, it’s going to be intense and awesome. You’ll be able to find that live on the World Anvil Youtube Channel AND the World Anvil Twitch Channel (assuming that the technology wants to play!) If you’re worried about missing the stream, you can go Subscribe to our Youtube, and Follow our Twitch channel so you get alerts when we go live!

And remember to cast your Summer Camp Community vote HERE!