Regardless if you are a gamemaster, a writer, or a worldbuilder creating a world, you will often find yourself looking for a way to display data in a form of a table. This can be a list of nations, encounter eventualities, the list of goods of an alchemist’s shop, or something even cooler.

I am so very happy today to give you the rundown of how and why the new interactive rollable tables will change the way you input information and the way you design your pages forever! So, let’s get to it!

What are they

Interactive tables are the latest in interwebs table technology! For those that have access to them, interactive tables will be a MUCH better replacement for both the [table] tags AND the rollable Random table stat block. As with stat blocks you can create them one and then use them wherever you want which makes them much more flexible and easy to use.

What can they do

Apart from being able to be embedded at any article of your world the new tables are

Rollable: Which means you can define ranges of numbers and then click the roll button for the table to randomly select an option for you
Sortable:  When viewing them you can select for each of their columns the order that you want its rows to appear
Searchable: You can very quickly search through the whole content of the table and the table will automatically filter itself in order to display for you the results matching your search term
Interconnected: The tables can be connected with each other like a table leading to another, leading to another, and so forth. In addition to that, they can also link to articles
Rich: The new interactive tables can host imagery and long text in a very smart way making it easy for you to display that content beautifully and with no broken layouts.


How can you use them?

There are hundreds of uses that I can think of and I bet even more you can amaze me with, but from the top of my head the following are definitely strong candidates:

  • Weapons & Armor properties/price tables
  • Equipment price tables
  • Random Encounter tables
  • Random damage charts
  • Treasure random tables
  • Town/City Generators
  • Random NPC Generators
  • Eightballs & Deck of Many things type random draws



Who has access to them?

The Interactive rollable tables are available to all Master+ guild members.

Where do we go from here?

Well, all you need is to login and start creating your first table

but before you go! Once you check them out – if you have any ideas of we can make them better, come and leave a message here or on Discord! 


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