Today we’ve got a special treat for you D&D players out there… we have a new D&D sheet for 5th edition! World Anvil is the ultimate worldbuilding toolset, but it also has an amazing campaign manager! And yes, we already had character sheets for D&D —but now they’re better!

What’s in the new D&D sheet?

new D&D sheet in action

You can see this character sheet live on World Anvil!

The new D&D sheet is easier to use than ever! These changes include:

  • A brand new design that easily fits all your multiclassing needs.
  • Better handling of all the proficiencies and modifiers! Now it’s easier to tell where a bonus is coming from —no more staring at your sheet trying to figure it out!
  • Amazing mobile view… and more space for snacks on the table!
  • And you can now add character art on the sheet itself!

To use the new character sheet, make sure you pick the Character Sheet (2020) sheet type from the drop-down. Note that old character sheets won’t be updated —you’ll have to recreate them manually.

And, if you’re a DM, you also have other sheet types at your disposal! Homebrew your own monsters, spells, items, backgrounds, and more! And if you want to see what other community members are working on, check out the community sheets, with hundreds of blocks of all kinds. You can use these in your own world if you’re in a hurry for something cool. And you can even share your own homebrewed content!

I want more systems!

D&D 5e might be the most popular system, but the TTRPG world is a big one. We currently have character sheet templates for almost 50 different systems —some of them with additional templates too! Take a look at the list of systems if you play another game!

Not seeing your system in the list? Well, luckily for you, the list is constantly being expanded. And you can help too! RPG sheets are a community project, which means that new systems get a sheet when someone wants to create one. If you’re interested in that, take a look at the guide to block templates for more information!

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